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  1. Red "H" Badge

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    I've been looking for a front and rear set for my '15 Si. I've seen a few posts here, but most of them have been old posts with dead links. I've found the set on CorSport, but i also found a set on ICB Motorsport. They both look legit, but they have different part numbers. If anyone could point...
  2. 2015 coupe red "H" emblems?

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Looking to buy some but i dont know if the '14 would fit mine, anyone know where they sell them?
  3. 2015 Coupe Si emblems?

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Anyone know where i can get the pair? In red of course, and im not sure if the 14 fits the 15 so i wouldnt buy it without knowing first. Thanks
  4. Red Badge for 2012 Coupe?

    I've read a million threads on the red JDM badges and the take away I got was that there were no red badges made specifically for the 2012 coupes, i.e., another badges must have nubs broken off and the badges attached with adhesives. Is that still the case?
  5. Rear si badge stolen

    So I walked out to my car this morning to throw something into my truck and I realized that my trunk SI badge was gone. So I called the dealer and they quoted me $33 for a new one. Does anyone know if I can find a cheaper one on EBay or amazon? Thanks -acbers Sent from my iPhone using...
  6. Front & Rear H Badge Options

    Would like to get rid of those cheap chrome H badges on the front and rear. I debadged the rest of my 2012 Si Coupe (dyno blue pearl). What are some options to replace those 2 emblems? If you have any suggestions some pics would be awesome! Thanks!
  7. Civic SI shifter badge

    Interior mods
    Does anyone know where to get the civic SI shifter emblem? Looks like this. Sent from my Autoguide iPad app
  8. Badge painted gloss black

    Let me know what you think! (pardon the dirt, I can't keep my car clean for the life of me)
  9. The official JDM emblems thread

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Foreword by DWils: This thread is for all JDM-type emblems for the 2012+ Civics. This includes sedans and coupes (sedans and coupes use different part numbers and will not fit each other because they are different sizes), different colors (red, black, yellow, white, etc.), real vs knockoffs...
  10. Coupe EX badge missing?

    I just drove my new EX Coupe off the lot yesterday (first Honda, I think I'm hooked now), but I noticed later that it didn't have an EX badge opposite the Civic badge on the back -- is this something I could call the dealer to rectify, or are they going without the trim level badging nowadays?