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  1. Interior mods
    Hi Everyone, I just recently swapped my driver side seat and wanted to give everyone some info/tips on this as I found it hard to find everything in one place. Below I will place all I have, i'm not perfect so please ask questions or post corrections. Please note that this is what worked for me...
  2. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey guys! Fin here for some tips and advice. I finally bought my OWN car. It's a base line silver 13' civic Lx with around 60k miles and got it for around 5K cash. I'm 20 and I took an Intro to Auto Tech class over the summer. I am trying to learn how to mod my own car in the future. I'm...
  3. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hi guys, just wanted to say I've read posts on this forum here and there and finally decided to join. I currently drive a 2013 BMW 335i convertible but it is going through the lemon law process due to steering issues. I've always been a Honda guy at heart....first car was a '91 CRX, then moved...
  4. Si Only
    I ordered them from Corsport the 12 si , they said it was for the 9th gen, Corsport has an issue reguarding false advertising for 8th, and 9th gen productsx they say on the 8th products that its made for that, and the 9th was made separately, at least they can say it's the same part, but they...
  5. Si Only
    I need help with DIY aluminum cable bushings, and hybrid base bushings install please? Sent from my HTC One X using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  6. Si Only
    I recently ordered a set of base bushings and can't figure out for the life of me how to disassemble the center console. I'm hoping someone here knows of a link for a DIY or something similar. I've searched high and low and can't seem to find a thing.
  7. ECU Tuning
    After a long wait. Its finally here. And all I can say is it's a whole new car. Between mid range, eliminating rev hang, 7500 red line and launch control. I cant wait to get more mods so I can get it pro tuned by Evans Tuning :D Enjoy. Comment. Share your thoughts.
  8. ECU Tuning
    Why is the Hondata Reflash have a rev limter of 7600 and the "Stock Equivalent" base map only set to 7300? Does anyone notice a difference with the "stock equivalent" base map on Flashpro? Because honestly I dont. I purchased the Hondata Flashpro pretty much as a expensive reflash for now...
  9. ECU Tuning
    I looked over the other threads and couldn't find anything about the maps Flashpro will come with. Does anyone have any idea? I'm assuming it will come with the stock map but not sure if anything else. I'm considering buying a K&N intake to accompany Flashpro but thinking it might be a waste...
  10. Video Room
    I had a chance to go behind the scenes with a friend and Formula Drift Driver Cyrus Martinez #951. Walk around in the eyes of Cyrus "Sexy Slide" 10 min Track Run Enjoy! Panda Feet
  11. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I currently have the 360watt factory 7 speaker system. I want to add as much clean sounding bass as I can for around $350 any ideas?
  12. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello: Could you please advise on how to remove audio head unit cover? Pics would help a lot. Thank you!
  13. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Vehicle: 2012 Civic Si Sedan Location: Rio Rancho New Mexico Altitude: 5400ft Dyno: Dyno Jet Mods: NONE Owner: Royce "CIVIC" Will dyno with reflash soon! Click to watch the dyno after the graphs, the first is a video and the rest are pics. This is corrected SAE with a factor of 1.20 that...
1-13 of 14 Results