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  1. Plan for Bass in '13 LX

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    I've been reading around on the forum here for a while but never made an account, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I have a 2013 Honda Civic LX (White), standard transmission. My next project is to add some power to the bass end of my stock sound system. I wanted to share my thoughts on the...
  2. Mounting Bazooka Tube?

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    Hey guys, glad to be here! I have done some searching on this topic with no luck: So I have a '13 SI coupe and I want to move my Bazooka BTA8250D powered tube from my truck to the SI. Has anyone found a way to secure a bass tube in the trunk, corner loading, without drilling into the floor...
  3. Loss of bass after speaker replacement

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    Hi all, I bought an aftermarket set of speakers for my Civic EX with Navi. After installation, I notice that I loss a subsequent amount of bass when I tested it. I have no subwoofer and amp installed yet. I do believe that installing a subwoofer would give me my much needed bass. Is there any...
  4. Bass Blockers and Help with wiring an Amp

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    Subject model: 2012 Civic EX Sedan, not premium audio, no navigation. I have replaced my factory tweeters and mid-range speakers. They are as follows: Tweeters: Reference 1031t - Infinity Door and rear deck: GTO628 | 6-1/2" 2-way loudspeaker | JBL US I want to use bass blockers on all of...
  5. Songs with bass thread!

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    If any of you have subs installed you know you have that one song you always play that shows off your system at its full potential. Post your song!
  6. Alpine SPS-610 Speakers -- Low bass

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    Hi all! Thanks for taking the time to read through my post. I've been having trouble with new Alpine SPS-610 speakers I purchased to upgrade from the stock speakers in my 2012 Civic LX sedan. The speaker install in the rear deck went great. The only problem I am having is the speakers are...
  7. Infinity bass link

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    Just wanna say what's up and that I just finish installing my infinity basslink last week! This thing is amazing. Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  8. 2012 EX PMM : need more bass / deeper sound

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    Hello Guys, It might be a silly question but I dont have much knowledge about it. 2012 EX comes with 6 Speakers but no woofer... I want deeper sound and absence of woofer breaks my dream... I do not want those huge bass units, which consumes almost half of trunk, but I just want to look for...
  9. Bass Knob

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    UPDATED: Bass Knob Installed Anyone here running a bass knob for their aftermarket subs? If so where did you mount the knob? Thinking about purchasing one but still unsure of a spot to put it. I want it to look clean. UPDATE: Installed my bass knob. Snapped a few pics. Bare with me since...
  10. Door Panel Noise?

    Interior Problems
    Hello, I have an Si Sedan with "Premium Audio" which isn't very premium. Lol. Anyways when I'm jamming out with the windows up it's fine. But when I lower my driver side window the door pannel rattles/makes noise which is anything! It's I roll the window up enough where it's showing it stops...