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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi Everyone! I just picked up a Civic Si last weekend, kinda spur of the moment. I got a deal that was too good to pass up! It's Black on Black, I would have preferred Gray or White, but it was all they had. I wasn't too keen on driving a 6-speed again, but man this car is easy to drive and...
  2. Sedan
    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if any of you know the part number or where to buy this piece in the engine bay that bolts on next to the fender. I circled it too so you guys know what I'm talking about. Thanks!
  3. Gatherings and Meets
    Any news on a winter 9thGen bay area meet comin up??
  4. Intakes and TB Spacers
    NOT anymore! I decided to do a battery relocation after seeing another members battery had been relocated and a traditionally styled custom CAI installed. This was done at home in the drive way and I want to upgrade to the odyssey dry cell battery with the password jdm relocation tray. I...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi there! my name is Trazey.. i just bought my new 2012 honda civic EX, CBP .. So far so good.. no problem on the ride.. kinda miss my 08 si =(
  6. Gatherings and Meets
    HEY GUYS! SEPTEMBER 2ND 2012 THERE WILL BE ANOTHER TUNER CAR SHOW HOSTED BY OK-TIRE. CAR SHOW IS ALL DAY! Registration CLOSES at 11:00AM MEET IS AT LEE PARK (At 800 Memorial Drive, in North Bay on the right as you drive into the city!) Set Yours GPS's!!
  7. South
    Hello everyone, just bought me a 2012 Civic LX Sedan and def need some tips and pointers!! I LOVE this car!! Just wondering who is out here in the Tampa FL area!!? :icon_wave:
  8. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    How do you guys clean your engine bay?
  9. Gatherings and Meets
    I take it these are all dead? Any new info Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  10. California
    Heya, just wondering if anyone around the area had any luck on possibly ordering a bulk supply of say at least a dozen cans of plasti dip within the east bay area? Me and my girlfriend (Hers being the '08 8th gen si, mine the '12 9th gen si) have been eyeing the area for a decent amount of...
  11. Gatherings and Meets
    Just wanted to post up that a friend and i are resurrecting an old meet we used to have here in Santa Cruz on Saturday nights 7:00pm at the best buy parking lot on 41st ave starting today 4/14 *Meet will Be Weekly*. All Are welcome this is not a generation specific meet or make for that matter...
  12. New Member Introductions
    First of all I'd like to say I feel honored to be part of this community. Just got my SI about 3 weeks ago, from Honda of El Cerrito. Stock CBP SI with moon roof visor and side moldings. Trying to keep it stock but the mod fingers are itching like crazy. Anyone else in the area? I haven't seen...
  13. California
    what's good CALI! any bay area civic club you guys know of or are members of? Sent from my Dell Streak using AutoGuide.com App
  14. New Member Introductions
    What's good all?! I got my sunburst orange last October and am loving it! Any one from the Bay in this forum?
  15. Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    Old: New: Will possibly paint my old one all crazy, and may end up color matching the "HONDA" on the new cover with the PMM color.
  16. California
    2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe in polished metal just arrived this morning! Still in factory plastic and ready for delivery! no HFP Aero Kit this time call Marvin for any questions South Bay Honda 920 Thompson St. Milpitas,CA 95035 www.southbayhonda.com 408-712-8493 *pics will be up by the end...
  17. Suspension & Brakes
    Apparently the 2012 coupe and sedan have considerable more body roll that the 2011's. This could very well be due the fact that Honda has engineered the 9th gen suspension to be geared towards luxury rather than sport handling. If you compare the listed suspension between the two year cars...
  18. South
    Hey Guys.... Clint in Tampa/St Pete/Land O Lakes.....LOL I drive a lot. Anyone else in the area?
  19. Honda & Civic News
    2012 Civic engine: K series or something new? Are they still keeping the k20 engine in the 2012 civic or is there something new to look forward too? I love my civic as much anyone does but sometimes I'm left wanting a faster motor..... :(