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  1. Exterior
    Hi There, There is a new led on the market.......high power 15 w made by samsung with 1200 lumen 4500 brightness.Would this be a nice and easier replacement for oem halogen? i know hid in halogen oem housing is not legal and distorted light output. Would this be legal as it is a led with almost...
  2. Exterior
    Hey guys so I decided to try to wire up a switch to turn my DRL light on with my low beam. I have PIAA high beam or DRL bulbs and they look great during the day I said why not at night to. Everything wired up just fine only problem is the lights are super dim. I bought the resistor suggested...
  3. Exterior
    These were popular on 8th forum so I decided to try them out with my 9th. They run about $36 shipped from Amazon and recieved good reviews with the 8th community. Before someone mentions PIAA brand, I would have gone with those but they aren't as yellow and don't give the housing as cool looking...
  4. Exterior
    anyone installed hids on high beam? do I need any converter or relay for the drl?
  5. Exterior
    Looking to swap out my high beam bulbs for something less yellow to match my 6000k HID low beams. Initially I wanted to get HID's for the high's but a lot of people are saying that there is a problem with the DRL's when doing this. What I got from it was that the ballasts don't get enough power...
  6. Exterior
    I'm currently running 4300k HID lows and have the Nokya 2500k Fog bulbs. The Nokya's aren't as bright as I expected, so I thought I'll opt for another set of HIDs. I did some research and found out that 3000k is actually not "better" than 4300k in fog or rainy weather. They both work the same...
  7. Exterior
    Hi, basic question: How to change out stock low beam bulb- 9th civic si? I look at the driver side is in front of the battery (can't reach in) and the passenger side is in front of the washer fluid unit (can't reach in).???
  8. Exterior
    Anyone having a problem or have any insight to replaceing the passenger side low been bulb? It seems very hard to get to, the others(passenger high and driver low and high) are easy, but it seems pretty darn tight in there. Thanks!
1-8 of 10 Results