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    Honda begins scrapping vehicles claimed by Thai flooding Thailand's worst flood in 50 years claimed the lives of 610 people and caused billions in damage, but with the waters slowly receding, the extent of the damage is coming into focus. Among the tens of thousands of businesses affected by...
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    Honda Auto Plant in Indiana Begins Second Shift of Production - MarketWatch We are back to full production in Alliston, Ontario as well, you should start seeing some good inventory levels at dealers very soon!
  3. Honda & Civic News
    Honda has started a contest where they want people to submit a Civic inspired song and the winner will get a 2012 Honda Civic and will get to perform his or her song live at a 2011 Honda Civic tour date in Los Angeles. the below explains more about the Sounds of Civic contest also some songs...
1-3 of 3 Results