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  1. Coupe
    So I was driving home and all of a sudden I hear this huge thud hit the side of my car, sounded like a baseball hitting my car. I get out to see what it was and all I see is this vomit looking type substance on my car, I assume it was a bird but this happened at night and I doubt birds fly this...
  2. Canada
    Kplayground 2012 Early Bird Shannonville FULL Track - Sunday April 15 - 1pm to 5pm!! Date: Sunday, April 15/2012 (Same price but you get 4 hours lapping time!!) Time: 1pm to 5pm Location: Shannonville Motorpark - Full track Prepay: $80 (paid by prepaid due date) At the Track: $110 We're...
  3. Exterior Problems
    Title says it all. Let a bird dropping stay too long on my rear bumper and when I had it washed there was this rough mark left on the paint. Asked a guy what to do with it, he said it needs to be sand papered down or something. Is that the best way to deal with this? Thanks guys :)
1-3 of 3 Results