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  1. Hasport rear motor mount failure and other entrails....

    Si Only
    So this is a sad boi post at sad boi hours.... About two Hours ago my Hasport 70 a Rear motor mount (RMM) cracked. Not only that, I think that due to the cracking of the RMM my Axle popped out the tranny and my RV6 down-pipe bolts became undone along with my belt breaking..... Now the car is...
  2. Blown Fuses... HU and Cigarette Lighter

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Alright, here's another doozy. HU has no power. Cigarette lighter plug has no power. The lighter went out first. I was running my cell phone charger from there and it quit working like 2 weeks ago. I thought it was the charger itself, but after swapping in a different cell phone charger...
  3. Blown fuse?

    Interior Problems
    The front power outlet keep going out on me when I plug in a 12v tire pump. it go out every time I use it. IM at the Honda dealership for the second this month for this problem. This time they told me the warranty only cover it once. I mean it's not like Im running a 20v charger it shouldn't...
  4. Blown brake light

    My left brake light is blown already on a 7 month old civic...is that normal? lol
  5. Right Speaker Blown out Already?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Whats up guys, so I've been my Civic since July 30th, and I listen to Rap / Hip-Hop music on the regular but NEVER turn it above 16. When some songs play from USB from my iPhone / iPod Nano it seems as though the right passenger speaker is blown out and vibrates more than it should. Has anyone...
  6. Blown motor, dealership refuses to warranty

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I picked up my Si about 3 weeks ago. It currently has 1267 miles where it sits at the dealership. This past weekend I let my friend check it out and while near redline in 3rd gear he jammed it in 2nd and let off on the clutch. We heard a loud noise followed by a lot of white smoke in the...