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  1. 2015 Si Virgin Mod :P

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hello there wonderful people! :) I recently invested in a 2015 Civic Si Sedan! Great car but I would like to make it my own now. I'm sure you guys get this question a lot but where should I start in regards to performance modifications? I see a lot of talks about a cold air intake but while...
  2. 2012 modulo lip on 2013 sedan si

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Anyone know if a 2012 civic si modulo lip can fit on a 2013 civic si sedan?
  3. 9th Gen Coupe Si Rear End to '13 Sedan Conversion

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hello, I'm wanting to put to the rear end from the '12-13 coupe on to my 13' Sedan is this possible? I know I would have to switch out the taillights and the deck lid as well. I was just wondering has anyone ever done this? If so how does it line up and how was the installation. Thanks, SchaefferE
  4. 2012 Honda Civic LX Coupe

    Build Section
    Name: Jeremy R. Car Nickname: Nikita Location: Binghamton, NY About me:Well, to start off I've owned my 2012 Honda Civic LX Coupe for...
  5. Recent Accident.. Repair DIY tips? (HEAVY PICS)

    Exterior Problems
    Our little civic recently got into an accident in which it rear-ended a Tahoe and hit its tow hitch. There is damage to the hood, grill, and bumper (see pics). Also, the headlights are now sort of popped out a little bit, though there doesn't seem to be frame damage. --I haven't seen a good...
  6. Civic 2013 LX SEDAN need body kits (front lip, side skirts, rear lip)

    Hi all, I just purchased the 2013 Civic LX SEDAN, and I'm looking for the body kits of this 2013 model. Not sure if the 2012 model will fit it. The 2013 body kit is not out yet I guess. Please let me know if anyone had found them. Thanks
  7. 2012 Honda Civic EX's under body starting to rust

    Exterior Problems
    So today I washed my car and decided to take a look under the body for any snow/salt I may have missed. Upon inspecting it, I noticed that there is rust starting to grow on the rear body frame and also the exhaust. Has anyone else had this problem yet? If it helps I bought this car in July 2012...
  8. Anyone with body side molding or door edge guards?

    I was wondering if anyone had the body side molding and door edge guard installed on their '12 civic si's, preferably coupes. I wanted to see how it looked cosmetically before making any choices. Thanks! :)
  9. Body kit now available!!

    Extreme Dimensions Bisimoto Edition Body Kit for 06-up Honda Civic at Andy's Auto Sport
  10. Sedan body kits , Front/Rear bumpers , Lips anything that looks good

    So I been wondering about body kits and etc if you guys got any nice please share it with the rest of us , please put a link below. Thanks : )
  11. RRB Manifold Installed-TL-SH AWD Throttle Body 80/70mm

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    Wayne and Randy have the car, rstech-racing.com Randy will have the car on the dyno Monday.Flashpro yes.I just finished break in on the car and dropped it off to them.Wayne is finishing up on the 3 1/2 inch custom cold air intake and battery relocation.RDX injectors to.Randy is also doing...
  12. My first scratch

    I was backing up today and someone tried to go passed me and I heard that grinding sound. Its not huge, but now I have a scratch on my rear bumper. It isn't dented. Just the paint is off. I wonder if I should fix it or leave it until I have a bunch of them and then fix it. I just want to...
  13. 9th Gen. Body Control Network????

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Not sure if this is the right forum, so Mods move it if necessary. Does anyone know if the 9th Gen. Civics have a LIN – (Local Interconnect Network), a very low cost in-vehicle sub-network, in them? This architecture uses a computer network wired in the chassis to connect various vehicle...
  14. ZDX Big Bore 70mm OEM DBW Throttle Body

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    Well the title says what it is, and yes it will work with the RBC and our stock intake manifold. This is the route i want to go with as far as throttle body options go. http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/autofair-honda/299889-zdx-big-bore-oem-dbw-throttle-body.html But can someone explain to me...
  15. Body kits

    Anybody know of any sweet body kits for the 2012 Sent from my ADR6350 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  16. Body Kit on '12 Sedan LX?

    Does anyone have pictures of a '12 Sedan LX with a body kit on? IF so, you need to get fog lights cover first before you can add it on right? Thanks.
  17. p2r throttle body spacer review

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    Want to see how people like the tbs. any vids of how it sounds, or if they notice a difference.
  18. Thinking about buying this lip body kit

    I'm thinking about buying this lip body kit from ebay but i wanted to ask you guys to see if u guy know if the rear lip will fit on the Si seden? so anyone out there who got this kits please help me out cuzz i really like this kits. Fit 12 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Polypropylene Full Bumper Lip...
  19. 9th Gen Honda Civic 4dr Body Side Molding Installation (2012)

    Exterior Styling
    9th Gen Honda Civic 4dr Body Side Molding Installation (2012)
  20. Does Acura Ilx body kit could possibly fit the Si?

    I'm thinking on buying the side skirts for Acura Ilx, the rear from a Si coupe and the front from the Ilx?... does anyone see the possibilities here?