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  1. Boomba Racing Rotor Cutting

    Boomba Racing
    Eventually rotors do wear down. Uneven fade can cause premature rotor wear. Boomba Racing understand the importance and we have just picked up a brand new grinder for rotors and flywheels. We have plenty of experience cooking our rotors on the race course and even more experience in precision...
  2. Boomba Racing Dyno Open!!!

    Boomba Racing
    Hey guys our Mustang Dyno is up and running.Our dyno is an all wheel drive linked system which is very important for testing newer vehicles with traction control (GTR, Evo X, STI, BMW and Porsche). The linked dynamometer does not put any stress at the center differential, because the front and...
  3. Boomba Racing has a question for you all.

    Boomba Racing
    Hey guys i hope everyone had a great weekend we had a small discussion here at Boomba and would like hear from you guys what product would you like us to provide for the 9th Gen Civic.
  4. Boomba Racing little tour of our shop!

    Boomba Racing
    Boomba Racing would like to take all of our forum members on a tour of our shop located at 635 Wood Dale, IL. Anybody who has been following us knows we have moved to a new larger facility. Everything you see in this post is all under one roof, meaning if you would stop on by in person you...
  5. Boomba Racing SI Motor Mounts Now available!

    Boomba Racing
    Boomba Racing is proud to present our very own 9th gen civic Si motor mounts! We have been supporting our 8th gen enthusiasts for years with motor mounts, fuel rails, and more.We would like to first say thank you everyone for the warm welcome and we are ready to roll with our products...
  6. Welcome Boomba Racing!

    Boomba Racing
    We would like to welcome Boomba Racing as our newest supporting vendor! Please take a moment to visit their site: http://www.boombaracing.com
  7. Boomba Racing Motor Mounts (Si)

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I brought my car in for test fitting and met with the guys over at Boomba Racing. Very friendly, very nice shop. They pulled my car in, put it on lifts and took lots of pictures. The upper mount ended up being exactly the same as 8th gen si, but the lower mount actually matched the lower mount...
  8. So Boomba Racing received our Dyno Enclosure

    Video Room
    Just wanted to show everyone what we have been up to. It has been quite a challenge to keep our inventory stocked, while finishing up the shop. I would like to introduce our newest addition - our sound deadening dyno enclosure Just a preview for now. We still need to run conduit, air...