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  1. DIY Section
    I did not want to start a ton of threads per DIY, so figured it would be a good idea to keep them one place. Coilover Height Adjustment: Wilwood 6 Piston BBK Install:
  2. Build Section
    I am going to try to document this build the best I can. Here's a picture of the day I purchased it. The car was purchased in the Carolinas, which is conveniently close to MercRacing headquarters. I left my car with them to do all mods needed to supercharge the car. Full List of Mods(Updated...
  3. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hello guys I was just wondering what exhaust everyone is running with turbo. I’m planning on boosting soon and I want something that is not too loud. Please send turbo exhaust clips. I really want to hear what a turbo with ktuned exhaust sounds like.
  4. Forced Induction And Nitrous
    Ok so have a 2012 civic Si. Installed cte supercharger with the 3.15 pulley .. when I dynoed it had 310-3 hp ... i was getting knocks so Installed a I'm 2.25 after cooler kit. When i went to tune it again at the same place it had 260hp at6psi I replaced the drivebelt tensioner I still have...
  5. Build Section
    I've been on the forums forever and never made a build thread here but figured since things are finally getting serious I would make one for anyone who cares and as a sort of place to let people know what I actually think of the mods I've done, have, or will do. Just gonna plug myself real...
  6. Video Room
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1-6 of 7 Results