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  1. Canada
    Looking to get Clear bra wrapped on my civic. Anyone got suggestions on where to get in in the lower mainland?
  2. Sedan
    Has anyone installed a clear bra? What did you pay? How does it look? Do you like it? Do you feel as though it was worth the investment? My Si is the first new brand new car I have ever owned, and we are approaching the end of summer. Winters here in Kansas City tend to be brutal on a car...
  3. Coupe
    Does anyone know where i can get a civic coupe hood bra without the bumper just for the hood? Does anyone have pics of it on a coupe, just the hood. And is there a rear window visor for the coupe too? I like the whale tail by Kplayground but its for 4dr only.
  4. Sedan
    Iono if putting a magnet bra on my hood is good but i chose that way... but kinda leaning towardds the hood deflector.... i was planning on sticker bombing my hood bra just a little more stickers....:wigglesmiley:
  5. Sedan
    Anyone know if the half bra will for the 06-11 will fit on the 12? if not give me a few weeks to get my '12 FB6 in, and ill let you know. lol.
  6. Sedan
    2012 4 door si. Dealer wanted $1000 for clear bra kit. Wow. So im looking for it myself and going to apply it my self, problem is I cant find it for sale anywhere im looking for the good 3m stuff not the crap that yellows. Anyone have any leads?
  7. California
    Hey guys, need some help here. So i just ordered a Invidia turbo back exhaust for my WRX and im also getting a up pipe and drop in K&N before i get it tuned. My question is where are some good tuner shops, and give you experience with them. I was told to go to Church Automotive in Long Beach...
1-7 of 9 Results