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  1. Brake clink behind driverside firewall when the pedal is let go quickly.

    Suspension & Brakes
    Hi, I own a 14 Si and I noticed that if I let go of the brake pedal quickly, I hear a clink coming from the driver side engine compartment. It was first every time when the no-roll brakes hold with the clutch in, but I noticed that regardless of the clutch / no-roll, it still hear the clink...
  2. Braking at over 100 causes shaking/ odd pedal feel

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    First post, just got a 13' Si in February and it's time for me to stop lurking the forums. I have an issue with braking that is only noticeable above 100 mph. 90-95 doesn't cause the issue, just anything over 100. Basically what happens is that the car shakes (one time very violently (was from...
  3. ask: Brake Line (hose) LENGTH ?

    Suspension & Brakes
    Hello, I am going to do some custom brake lines for the front brakes of my Honda Fit, and I think I can use this 2012+ Civic Si Goodridge Front Brake Line. Part# 20028. (I need to find a brake line that is longer than the stock Honda Fit brake line). But I need your kind help regarding the...
  4. LED bulb swap for 2013 civic?

    Interested in putting in some LED bulbs on my 2013 Civic for the brake lights, front and rear turn signals, and back up lights. Found what seems to be promising bulbs from Putco here. Anyone use these or know of anywhere I can get LED bulbs for the exterior lights above? My Car: 2013 Civic...
  5. hit brake steering wheel shook, just alignment right? 38k mile, fresh oil, what else?

    Suspension & Brakes
    So I went about 90 just to open it up have not in some time, I hit the brake and the steering wheel shook, that is just an alignment right? And, or rotation? Just replaced oil with Honda 0w-20, and k and n filter..... what else do you suggest to do at 38k miles? anything I am missing?
  6. cheap led brake upgrade.....

    Bought 4- 6" led strips for $20-, and put them in the upper taillight.....you take the taillight out and cut only the side open,about 1,2",stick them in there.There is 3m tape on the backside of this red led strips i bought.Than still drill some holes for tirewrap extra security and also lead...
  7. Spoon brake kit !!!

    Suspension & Brakes
    Ok guys does anyone on here know if any SPOON SPORTS brake kit is compatible with our cars(12'civic si non si 4 door or coupe) if so where can i pick this up and how much ?! Any info is greatly appreciated and Thank You in advance !:popcornbig:
  8. brake pedal hits the floor, does nothing

    Suspension & Brakes
    Today in the giant new england blizzard, going slow in the snow I hit the brakes and the pedal just went straight to the floor with no resistance whatsoever and did absolutely nothing to slow the car. This happened twice. Almost as if it wasn't connected to anything. After some quick googling I...
  9. LX Third Brake Light / Trunk Swap

    I am interested in getting LED bulbs or an LED third brake light anyone know what kind of bulbs I can use or if not doable if I can swap in the EX-L LED brake light? I am also interested in the LED strip at the top of the window like the Audi S7 has...
  10. DIY: Brake Drum Rust Removal

    Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    DIY: Brake Drum Rust Removal! [No sanding or scrubbing!] 2 things: - 1 gal. of Metal Rescue (I got mine at Home Depot). - A bucket with a lid. (No gloves needed) 1. After you jack the car up, put it on stands, etc... you should be able to easily pull the drums off. Put a plastic bag or rag...
  11. Just painted my rear drum brake (done within 20 minute)

    Suspension & Brakes
    its look better and it cost only $4. .
  12. Brake Enhancements

    Suspension & Brakes
    I decided to enhance the visual appeal and brake performance of my 2012 Si. I just finished installing Disc Italia drilled/slotted rotors and Disc Italia Hyper Ceramic brake pads (bought these through brakeworld.com). Very easy job, and I did not have to compress the caliper pistons to get the...
  13. Free brake pads..?

    Suspension & Brakes
    Sorry if this is in the wrong section! If so, mod can move wherever it needs to be. BUT LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND. I ordered 1 set haha. GET IT WHILE ITS THERE!! Kplayground Body Kits 8th Gen Civic,BMW E90/E92,8th Accord,Mugen RR,Civic Type R,Mugen Style Nevermind, it wasn't free. I read it...
  14. group buy for spoon BBK brake kit ?

    Vendor Deals
    i am planning to get spoon calipers & build my own bbk before summer... anyone interested ? if we can do a group buy, we might able to bring the prices down, i believe we just need 4 to commit
  15. Brake pads for 9th DX LX EX?

    Suspension & Brakes
    Was wondering if there are any aftermarket brake pads for the R18 variations of the 9th gen? I've been looking everywhere but i'm either always ending up with SI search results, or other forum topics that lead to no where. Can 8th gen R18 pads fit on a 9th gen? from what I have researched...
  16. Is there a way to reduce brake fade...

    Suspension & Brakes
    Without switching to a bbk? Would better rotors do it or are the pads a factor too. Pretty often I wonder if my rotors are getting warped because when braking hard I end up with a wobbling feeling.
  17. Blown brake light

    My left brake light is blown already on a 7 month old civic...is that normal? lol
  18. LED DRL and Emergency Brake?

    So two days ago I installed LED's with the decoder into my high beams. Looks really good! But I have noticed that they don't turn on right away. Now even with my automatic, I always put the emergency brake on when parking the car. Just a habit ever since I started driving, lol. But I tried to...
  19. Emergency Brake

    Suspension & Brakes
    Do you use the emergency brake after parking your civic sled?
  20. Brake light fuse???

    I was looking at my lights today after i smoked them out and for some reason my left tailight only works when the headlights are on and the right tailight only works for the brake. does anybody know why? could it be the fuses? I even replaced the bulbs and i get the same result