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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm Eric and this is my 2012 Civic EX. Looking to dip a bit more into this thing over the winter. Current mods: D2 racing coilovers with front camber plates, Megan Racing front strut tower bar, Takeda Stage 2 intake, Takeda Axle Back exhaust, Buddy Club Carbon Fiber Steering...
  2. Suspension & Brakes
    Has anyone swapped over Brembo calipers? These look to be ones off of a TL. I've been looking around but haven't found any concrete info on this other than spacers will be needed. Has anyone done this swap? It's half the price of the Buddy Club BBK. Thanks...
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey all, the noise is coming from the front wheel on the driver's side. I have a Buddy Club N+ Spec Damper Kit on it. Not sure if it's the issue but anything helps. Can't post the video, so I'm not sure how to show you guys.
  4. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey everyone, I recently bought a used Buddy Club downpipe. Upon installation, I saw the flange for the downpipe simply does not line up with the OEM Catback. When two bolt holes are aligned, the other doesn't. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone have suggestions? I have gotten it to work...
  5. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Haven't found much on here about the Buddy Club axle back exhaust. Seriously considering buying this, really like the way it sounds from a few vids I found on youtube. I am wondering about how loud it is. Its hard to tell from the videos how loud the exhaust actually is. If anybody out there...
  6. Suspension & Brakes
    Does anyone know if the Buddy Club N+ Coils from a 2012 Si Coupe will fit onto a 2012 Non-Si EX Sedan? Thank you :)
  7. Suspension & Brakes
    From now until November 15th (2014) we have an absolutely insane combo deal :spinning: going on for Buddy Club N+ Spec Coilovers with a Buddy Club Rear Camber Kit. Normally the N+ coilovers are alone priced at $1300, but we're throwing in a FREE Buddy Club Rear Camber Kit AND reducing the price...
  8. Suspension & Brakes
    alright so i been snooping around the site and i cant find any threads comparing buddy clubs n spec vs tiens street advanced damper kit. having a little trouble deciding so some help would be awesome.
  9. Interior mods
    Buddy Club has just made upgrading the seats on your 9th Gen Civic a whole lot easier. Buddy Club "Seat Rail" (Seat Base) kits are now available for all 9th Gen Civic models! The seat base kits are easy to install (no welding or cutting) and allow for you to quickly bolt on almost any...
  10. Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    As some of you know, Buddy Club's Full Assembly short shifter for the 9th Gen Civics was just released several days ago. We have some great pics of it, and we're doing a forum promotion as well. Just use the special discount code "9thgencivic_bc_shifter" when checking out to save $15 instantly...
1-10 of 14 Results