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  1. For Sale Section
    What I have for sale here is brand new set buddy club race spec don’t miss your chance on these I’m asking 900 shipping is on buyer unless you live in Cali feel free to ask away
  2. Suspension & Brakes
    Daily driving my 2012 coupe non si Would love to get some opinions on suspension.. Looking for coilovers, nothing "toooo" serious, but comfortable for street driving. Im from Canada lol, Mississauga to be exact.. Ive heard real good things about Buddy Clubs. Any thoughts on D2's, K-Sports, K...
  3. Suspension & Brakes
    I am having a really hard time getting the windshield whipper arm off my car. I have removed the bolt holding the whipper arm on. If anyone could help me out it would me much appreciated.
1-3 of 3 Results