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  1. My 2015 Civic Si simple build! Enjoy,

    Si Only
    Hey guys, here is my simple build so far for my fun daily driver! 2.4L K24Z7 (Naturally Aspirated) K&N SRI ($450CAD) RV6 2.5" Catless Downpipe ($475CAD) Invidia Q300 Catback ($780CAD) Flashpro + Vitviper Tune ($965CAD) Vittune ($400USD) Dyno Sheet: [email protected] - [email protected] on 91...
  2. NateDogg's LX build thread

    Build Section
    NateDogg's 12 LX Sedan build thread So I bought my car in 2012 brand new off the lot and always planned on working on it but had no real money put away for it. Fast forward to this year where I got in this amazing car accident from a merge gone wrong. It had stock everything except 8k HIDs...
  3. Braden's FG3 Build Thread

    Build Section
    I figured I might as well start a build thread now that things are actually moving along. Hopefully they'll keep moving along as they are now:wigglesmiley: Mod List: Exterior: 50% Tint Front 20% Tint Rear Civic badge removed 2500k Nokya Yellow High Beam/DRL 6000k DDM Tuning 35w HID kit LED...