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  1. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    so I just installed some LED Headlight bulbs on my 2015 Honda Civic. I noticed the headlight bulbs are not aligned properly. Can anyone guide me (either visually or on here) how I can align the headlight bulbs? I looked in the owners manual and it mentioned to go to the dealer but I am...
  2. Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    2014 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan Bulb Reference List So.... I couldn't find this or the information was so scattered when I searched. Here is what I came up with from taking my bulbs out/searching/reading my owner's manual. 2014 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan Bulb List: Exterior High Beam: HB3/9005 60W...
  3. Exterior
    so ive had my 2013 civic for a bit over 2 months now, recently just had a remote starter put in and now i want to start swapping out the stock bulbs for some better and brighter ones. what are some good ones that arent going to cost me an arm and a leg and cause me to have to rip everything...
  4. Exterior
    I know there's random comments all over the place, but not an actual thread. What are your opinions on this. Do you like yellow film or yellow bulbs? The look of either while on and off. I used yellow film on the fogs of my GD3. I liked the look of the yellow film when they we're off and...
  5. Exterior
    I tried installing my Volt HID kit 9006 yesterday and the bulb didn't want go on in the headlight socket. Did anyone have problems installing their HID bulb or did it just went right in? Where the yellow arrow is pointing is what didn't fit in the socket and I looked at the stock halogen bulb...
  6. Exterior
    So I want, scratch that, need to get some better lighting for my lows and fogs. The stock ones just aren't cutting it. my only thing is that I don't wanna mess with ballasts, i would prefer just a hot swap. Been looking at PIAA Plasma GT-X bulbs. they look great. any other suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Exterior
    looking for piaa bulbs for my fogs and head lights.
  8. Exterior
    My Father has a 2013 Ford Taurus It uses a single bulb for high and low (9005) There is some sort of lens inside the headlight housing/projector that directs the light output differently when the highs are activated (same as the edge etc) Can I use a 9005 HID kit or is the 9005L+ a different...
  9. Exterior
    I want to get brighter lights than the stock bulbs already on my car. I don't want hid , I just want a brighter bulb than the stock ones. What bulb with links do you recommend? Also can I really use the led's that they sale on eBay for the drl lights. Can you guys recommend the best bulbs...
  10. Exterior
    I want to upgrade my high beams to a pure white bulb and I found these: 4x Car Halogen Head Light Xenon Bulb Super White 9005&9006 HB3&HB4 Kit 12V 55W | eBay My question is, do you think that it's worth it to get these? I mean $9 for bulbs for high beams and low beams is a great deal but I feel...
  11. Video Room
    Tag ...Your it!!!!! This is a random moving thread.....this is a random moving thread ... Thread name will be changed to confuse and annoy u....annoy u....... Since I'm a mod time to abuse these powers... Will be moving this threadz from sectionz to sectionz.. first onez to find itz and post...
  12. Exterior
    These were popular on 8th forum so I decided to try them out with my 9th. They run about $36 shipped from Amazon and recieved good reviews with the 8th community. Before someone mentions PIAA brand, I would have gone with those but they aren't as yellow and don't give the housing as cool looking...
  13. Exterior
    does anyone know the size of the reverse light bulb in the coupe? I know for the sedan it's 7440.
  14. Exterior
    EDIT: Got some Bulbs for M! Gonna make her look a lot better :) Consists: 2700K HELLA 9005 High Beams 7500K HELLA 9006 Low Beams 7500K HELLA H11 Fog Lights
  15. Exterior
    Well everyone knows our reverse lights are pretty useless. Multiply that times 10 once you tint your tail lights. lol. So I purchased and installed a 15w HID kit made specifically for this type of bulb. installation is plug and play, pretty straight forward stuff. push bulbs into tail light...
  16. Exterior
    I bought led bulb size 7440 and it doesnt fit the reverse light at all in my car. It seems way too big. I have search far and wide in this forum for the size my reverse light on my honda civic 2012 coupe lx. Can anyone help a brother here? Thank You
  17. Exterior
    Hello: Could you please advise what bulbs are popular to use for Fog Light? Thank you!
1-17 of 36 Results