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  1. Sedan
    I have a 2012 LX and wondering what all parts I need to buy for the bumper swap. Do I need both parts pictured below?
  2. Exterior Problems
    Hello, I'm sure everyone absolutely LOVES those plastic retaining clips but I'm wondering, is there anything that serves as a better, more durable and maybe even better looking replacement?
  3. Sedan
    Hello I’m digging up an old question. I know that the front bumper from a 2014 coupe will not fit a 2013 sedan directly what is needed to do it if possible. Like fender, headlights, etc…
  4. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hello:) I'm new here and thinking about buying Civic 9th gen hatch, living in Europe so this option is very popular and kind of cheap here. But there is a problem - the car I've found has damaged front bumper, so I'm thinking of making a swap just after buying. Has anyone done it before? Is it...
  5. Sedan
    This is a complete long shot, but worth a try. Would any one with a 2013 (or higher) Alabaster Silver sedan be interested in swapping rear ends for a 2012? Ie. trunk, bumper and taillights. Located in CT willing to travel.
  6. Exterior Problems
    If anyone could help me identify the name of the two pieces being zip locked. It should be the a rubber piece and a metal piece bolted behind it. I went on steep driveway thinking it would be find as always but ended up breaking that metal piece.
  7. Pictures and Images
    I have two primed 2014 civic for sale. $60 each
  8. Sedan
    I have a 2014 Ex and I know the si front bumper cover can be swapped, can the rear si bumper cover be put on as well?
  9. Sedan
    Hey Guys i have a "asian" bumper 2012 (front) and i'm currently looking for a SI 2014 coupe (front bumper). so anyone looking for a trade? or someone willing to sell me a SI coupe 2014 bumper? Thanks for the help.
  10. Coupe
    Hi Everone! This is my first post but I am curious to see if I can put the 2014 si rear bumper on my 2012 si. I have done a fair amount of looking around but I have yet to find a solid answer. Thanks for the help!
  11. Sedan
    I was driving down the main road last Tuesday (June 14, 2016) when a Malibu pulled out in front of me. I had just entered the main road from a parking lot, and was catching up to speed so the car behind me wouldn't have to apply their brakes. I was only on the road for a matter of 3-5 seconds...
  12. Appearance and Body Modifications
    I am now a proud owner of a 2013 Civic Coupe and not even a week of owning the car a guy backed into me..... Nothing major just a super annoying the majority of the damage was to the plastic bumper grille. So i purchased the grille myself and plan on removing the bumper to install it and throw...
  13. Exterior Problems
    Hi, my names Angie and I drive a 2012 Civic Lx. I had a mini little accident where i pumped a Ford At first all I noticed was the scuff line but now I see I have some random part of my front bumper sticking out where the fender meets Can I fix it? What can I do??
  14. Coupe
    I know I may get flamed for this as it may be considered pretty rice... but for some reason I really like the look of bumper canards/dive planes on cars. I was wondering if anyone has seen a 9th gen si with canards on the front bumper? You see evos and stis with em all the time. I saw a...
  15. Coupe
    I recently just got into a minor car accident and find out that my bumper has a crack on the bottom. I went to the shop and they suggest that to get a new bumper because it'll be cheaper than fixing it up. With that being said what are my options for a bumper either OEM or a good brand aftermarket
  16. Coupe
    Is there any aftermarket rear bumper cover available on the market right now for civic LX 2012?thanks
  17. Sedan
    My parents recently bought me a Civic LX (simple) yay, now I want it to be my project (I'm a female so be nice) I wanted to know if it was possible to remove my current bumper and add an EX bumper (because of the fog lights) to mine? Where would I buy it? I have been looking around and still no...
1-17 of 69 Results