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  1. Hybrids/ CNG
    Honda To Give Civic Natural Gas Buyers $3,000 in Free Fuelhttp://www.insideline.com/honda/civic/2012/honda-to-give-civic-natural-gas-buyers-3000-in-free-fuel.html
  2. Wheels and Tires
    After waiting 3 months to have my wheels custom built, I had them installed yesterday and I'm thinking they are just TOO. DAMN. SMALL. They are SSR Vienna LM-9's 18x7.5 and 18x8.5. I'm thinking of getting some new SSR Professor MS1's in 19x8 and 19x8.5. They look like this What do you...
  3. South
    Read this http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=296345 Used 2007 Civic EX warning Sent from my LG-P999 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  4. Canada
    Just wondering where Canadian buyers bought their Injen CAI for the Civic Si and how much did they pay. Went to a few local shops around Barrie and im getting ridiculous quotes.
  5. Mid-West
    Lets see how man from Wisconsin are here. Let me know I havent seen any other 9th gens around yet.
  6. New Member Introductions
    I'm a 47 year old female looking to move from a sports car to something more efficient and practical.... but still a little fun. And on paper, the Si sounds like a nice fit: all the practicality of an ordinary Civic, but also with the added fun factor of a sporty sedan. But while I love the...
  7. California
    So thinking about putting together a list of people that are serious about buying a 2012/2011 Civic here in the next few months. Want to see what is the best deal we can get and if there are multiple buyers im sure we can get even better pricing! if your interested in a somewhat of a group buy...
  8. Honda & Civic News
    Critics say Honda might be losing it's edge. I think Honda has lost its edge for the past 10 years. 2001-2005 being the worst time, ugly looking and slow Civics. What do you have to say about Honda?
  9. Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    Hybrid or Gasoline Would you prefer to drive a hybrid to save on gas and the environment or stick to gasoline?
1-9 of 10 Results