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  1. Is Autoplicity trustworthy?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I've been wanting a Carbon Fiber hood for my 2014 Coupe LX, and I found that Autoplicity has them for $697 shipped (Procivic is $690 + $135 shipping). The product number matches the number on Seibon's website, but I want to make sure this is authentic before I spend $700. Has anyone purchased...
  2. Carbon Fiber Vinyl Application

    Interior mods
    I really didn't like the look of silver trim on the side of my door; therefore, I decided to apply a carbon fiber vinyl to the area. I had some left over vinyl so I decided to apply the remainder on my steering wheel emblem.Let me know what you guys think and I would be more than happy to...
  3. Carbon fiber Mirror covers

    I know that you can buy one for the review mirror but does anybody know if they make them for the drive and passenger side mirrors? somebody took out my passenger side mirror and since I have to replace it anyways I figured why not change both.
  4. Kplayground Carbon Fiber Grille

    Hello my colleagues, Has anyone tried the carbon fiber grille from kplayground yet? Just ordered mine.. Wondering how's the fitment and the final look. Anyone can show us his pictures? Thanks! Sent from my LT26i using AutoGuide.Com App
  5. 2012 Kplayground Christmas & New Year Gift Set #2! Carbon Fibre Shift Knob +

    2012 Kplayground Christmas Gift Set #2!!Weighted Carbon Fibre Shift Knob with FREE Mugen Metal Badge $69!Email [email protected] or Msg us here to order!!
  6. What carbon fiber engine parts are out for the 9th gen civic?

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    i know they have a carbon fiber spark plug cover anything else out?
  7. 2013 Honda Civic Refresh is Better in All Ways, Almost

    Honda & Civic News
    Taking criticism to heart, Honda has rolled out a refreshed version of its popular Civic model just one model year after the original launched. Given less than favorable reviews by many and even blacklisted by Consumer Reports, Honda took the unprecedented move of re-jigging the Civic to meet...
  8. Carbon Fiber Wrap: What did you do with it?

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    I just bought a piece/sheet of carbon fiber wrap off of eBay after seeing a thread in which someone did their door pillars, he told me it was a carbon fiber wrap, which I've seen before, and I thought it looked very cool. So I bought some. My cousin wrapped his hood and the roof of his white...
  9. Any Experience With VIS Carbon Fiber Products???

    My wife decided to close the garage door on me as I was backing out yesterday and left me with a scratch down to the metal in the center of my trunk lid and put a nice crease in it too. Rather than letting a body guy fix it with bondo I'll be replacing the trunk lid but I noticed that VIS Racing...
  10. Carbon Fiber hood.

    Anyone here has a warped carbon fiber hood? or The real carbon fiber hood? Please if you do so pls post them :) cuz im planning to get one
  11. Just got some carbon fiber...yea baby!!!!

  12. 2012 Civic Si Carbon Fiber rad cover

    hey guys, so a few months ago i found a source that began to make carbon fiber rad covers for the 9th gens. Unfortunately i had my computer refreshed and i lost my bookmarks. I tried searching google right now but nothing comes up, i remember i found it by going to a specific site, then...
  13. Kplayground Carbon Fibre Front Grill!!

    Kplayground Carbon Fibre Front Grill for 9th Civic Sedan now!! IN STOCK!! PM us or email [email protected]
  14. Excess carbon on end of exhaust tip

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    So pretty much topic I've also been burning oil haven't checked it in a couple of 100 miles but next time I bring it into the dealer they will pull the engine. I'm just wondering if burning oil is the reason for the large amount of carbon that is on the exhaust tip or something else that is...
  15. Advan or VIS carbon hood?

    Which one is of higher quality? What are the differences? Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  16. Kplayground ~ Carbon Fibre Shift Knob!!

    Kplayground ~ Carbon Fibre Shift Knob available in Red or Black Strip!! Very limited stock!! $85 + Shipping!! Pm or Email [email protected] for detail!
  17. Sedan carbon fiber trunk lid

    Sup Ladies and Gents, In speaking with Versusmotorsports/AdvanCarbon, the place where I got my kick ass CF hood!! They are willing to produce a carbon fiber trunk for the sedan model; depending whether people will be interested in buying one. If people are interested, they will be able to...
  18. Kplayground 9thgen Civic Carbon Fibre Interior Room Mirror Cover

    Kplayground 9thgen Civic Carbon Fibre Interior Room Mirror Cover! New in stock VERY limited!!*** PM US OR EMAIL [email protected] THE INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL PRICING *** Kplayground Carbon fibre interior room mirror cover on our sponsored PASMAG 2013 Civic SI Sedan
  19. 2012 Honda Civic SI Sedan Carbon Fiber Hood by AdvanCarbon Technologies

    Hey Guys, just got my Brand Spanking new Carbon Fiber Hood by AdvanCarbon Technologies: 1) Advan Carbon - The leading retailer of quality carbon fiber body kits, car body kits, rear spoilers. 2) Advan Carbon - The leading retailer of quality carbon fiber body kits, car body kits, rear spoilers...
  20. DIY: VIS carbon fiber hood install

    Exterior Styling
    hey guy a few ppl have asked me how easy it was to install my carbon fiber hood so i thought id do a little DIY on it please forgive the poopy cell phone pics lol it was a spur of the moment idea to start taking pics haha so here it is guys any questions or concerns let me know im happy to...