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  1. I left Honda for Chevrolet and I paid the price

    New Member Introductions
    and I'm in Thailand. Chevrolet SUCKS. I had a little Honda City here that gave me 0 issues. WE wanted something bigger so we went with the Chevy Cruze. Gave up our little Honda for it. Worst decision I ever made. Not only does the Chevy Cruze suck, but the service is atrocious. Cruze was fine...
  2. "Spot detailing" - something got on the car - how to clean/provide immediate care?

    Detailing, Wash & Wax
    "Spot detailing" - something got on the car - how to clean/provide immediate care? Hi guys, I've been short on time recently and originally planned to ask many more questions, but since somehow I seem to have gotten something on my car, I wanted to ask what the community recommends for "spot...
  3. Cold Winter Paint Care

    Detailing, Wash & Wax
    I know there is a Winter Prep thread, but my questions are specifically about paint protection during the winter. I live in a snow belt, so regularly wake up to heavy mounds of snow on the car. 1) What is the best brush (or way) to get all this snow off a car? 2) Obviously too cold to hand...
  4. Win a $5000 Canadian Tire gift card from 3M™ Car Care

    3M Car Care and Bondo want to help one lucky winner become the Garage King by helping to create your dream garage! You could win a $5,000 Canadian Tire gift card to transform your garage into the ultimate pit stop. There are also 10 prize packs of 3M™ Car Care and Bondo® products up for grabs...
  5. Do You Care What You Buy For Your Civic Is Quality & Safe ?

    i really wanna know.... when i buy any aftermarket performance parts or accessories, i always looking for quality, country of origin (made in ??), safety (dot, jawa, tuv approve), brand (big brands have money to be sue/larger payout) i used to drive about 35,000 miles a year in so cal, i seen...
  6. Hi quality car care products - So Cal

    Detailing, Wash & Wax
    Anyone know of a place that sells high quality car wash/wax stuff? Mainly looking for a washing mitt and waffle weave drying towel. Didn't particularly want to wait for shipping as I want to wash my new car this weekend! I'm in Long Beach so the closer the better!
  7. First post!!

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    hey hey whats up :D finally got around to making my first post after browsing on here for the past day. where is everyone from?