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  1. Automotive Paint & Coatings at CARiD!

    Remember that day when your vehicle rolled off the showroom floor? It was a feast for your eyes, and you were proud to own such a lustful masterpiece. But years passed by, and the elements did their job. Annoying spider webbing on the hood, small dings on the doors, and irritating hairline...
  2. CarCapsule Bubble Covers available at CARiD!

    Greeting, guys! We have a new product to offer you. Check it out and tell me what you think about it. The best way to forecast the future is to build it, and CarCapsule knows that better than any other company. Being a successful manufacturer of unique vinyl bubble covers, the corporation is...
  3. CARiD at YouTube! Get a discount!

    CARiD is not only a good place to buy custom and replacement parts & accessories for your vehicle, it is a community of car enthusiasts from all over the world sharing their experience and car building ideas. YouTube is one of those social media playgrounds we use, to inform you on our new...
  4. CARiD's Facebook Channel Updates.

    I want to remind everyone that we have our own Facebook Channel. It's a place for car enthusiasts to gather together and discuss car modifications, different projects and just have some fun)) No matter what vehicle you have - a sports car, a big lifted truck or small Mini, if you like...
  5. CARiD Valentine’s Contest! Win a $200 set of Floor Mats!

    Post up a creative proof of your love to your four-wheel baby and you can win a $200 set of Lloyd mats from CARiD. LLOYD® - Ultimat™ Custom Fit Floor Mats You have full freedom to express your passion for your car. You could shoot a video, write a poem, draw a picture, take a photo, make a...
  6. is CARid legit?

    is carid legit because i want to order a civic coupe 2012 spoiler on there to put on my 2012 civic coupe ex. any other places to get it cheaper?
  7. Win a FREE Air Intake from CARiD!

    Yesterday we found the lucky winner of a free set of Lloyd custom mats. Congrats to Jay D. and his Nissan Juke! With no further delay, we’re running another giveaway! This time, you can get a free air intake worth up to $300. To enter, simply follow CARiD on Google+, +1 and comment on this...
  8. CARiD Articles: you have questions, we have answers

    What is staggered wheel fitment? Are all those codes on the tire sidewall important? Do I even need that cold air intake for my vehicle? It’s OK to have all those questions in mind while looking to do a serious mod or part replacement on your vehicle. Get your questions answered by reading...
  9. Jobs at CARiD!

    Our Cranbury, NJ office is growing, and we need you! Does your Facebook profile have more pictures of your car than you? Do you spend more money on car washes than groceries each month? Do you spend hours browsing automotive forums and blogs? We're looking for candidates who share our passion...
  10. CARiD launches Tires section! Seriously, you will love it!

    We’re really excited to announce the opening of our brand new TIRE PAGE. From now on, you can browse, select, and order tires directly from CARiD.com. We currently have six tire brands you can choose from (Pirelli, Michelin, Nitto, Nexen, Hankook, and Toyo) and will be adding more brands over...
  11. Dashboard Covers

    Interior mods
    Hello: Does anybody use custom dashboard cover. If yes, where do you buy it from? Thanks!
  12. CARiD Big Plus Giveaway: who wants free wheels?

    As we have posted earlier, CARiD now has its very own page on Google+. Now you’re probably wondering what’s in it for you? Well, here are at least 3 reasons to join us on Google+: - Every day we will be posting some cool stuff that you and your ride will surely love - We will often reveal...
  13. CARiD Valentines Contest

    Are you thrilled hearing that “vroom vroom” sound of your engine revving up? Is your car on the list for Valentines presents? Are you in love with your four-wheel baby? Congrats, Car Enthusiast – this contest is right for you! Send us a creative proof of your love for your ride and you can win...
  14. Vossen Wheels at CARiD

    Today we'd like to throw a spotlight on our range of luxurious Vossen wheels. We've gathered all the rims available for your Civic. Having more than 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing, Vossen produces rims for those who want to separate their vehicle from a bunch of clones...
  15. CARiD Products Gallery

    Hi guys! We decided to make separate customer photo threads on every forum we are on, so that you could actually see how that part will look like on a vehicle before ordering it. From now we’ll be posting all pics we get from our customers here. Bought anything from CARiD? Show it off and...
  16. Year-End Sale at CARiD!

    With the year of 2011 coming to an end,‘tis time for a Year-End Sale! Prep your ride for the new year withCARiD - through Dec 31, save up to $50 site-wide. Just pick therelevant coupon and click the image below to shop...