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  1. New Member Introductions
    Just picked up this 2012 CBP Si. I had my eyes on one for a little while and finally after my Evo X got wrecked I decided to get one. I know people maybe thinking why from a X to a Civic Si but honestly I wanted something different. Evos are running around everywhere here and everyone and their...
  2. ECU Tuning
    Hey guys, so I´ve been reading a lot on FP from HONDATA and I still havent found concrete answers to my following questions, Ive read a couple of threads, including Utah´s hole issue with his ECU reflash. So my questions are the following::wigglesmiley: My car is a 2012 sedan SI its stock...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I recently acquired a 2012 taffeta white Si sedan. I actually bought it already and havent even seen it, let me explain..... I test drove a 2010 used Accord at the dealership (loved the ride) when I came back my wife was feeling a little under the weather so we went in to the new car...
  4. New Member Introductions
    I am trying to convince the wife wee need a Civic. My mom has an 09 EX-L Sedan. My son will be driving this July so we could use another vehicle. I like the looks of the sedan and would not consider a coupe .
  5. Gatherings and Meets
    Hey everyone, I was out browsing my Facebook earlier, and noticed several of my friends are attending Make specific meets in the area. Heck one of them is a freakin Ford Focus meet... So I was thinking we could put together a mid-west group together and have everyone come out. I would say...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys..My name's Robin. I just picked up a '12 red civic si about a week ago and have been looking for a forum to get in on and this one seems like the one! I love my civic so far. I will not be modifying it for a while other than a lowering it and an intake. I'm looking forward to...
  7. Gatherings and Meets
    Import Car Meet, Central Cali (611)
  8. California
    I need some buddies down here with me in central cali im in fresno!
  9. Canada
    Look for recommendations for high-end detailing in the east end (Beaches) area, though I'm willing to travel for good service. Price isn't too much of a concern - looking for an every-six-months full-on clean/polish if needed/wax-seal job. Looking for professionals, not kids at summer jobs.
  10. North-East
    anyone stationed in mid jersey? jackson to Atlantic city area?i cant be the only one can i?lol
  11. New Member Introductions
    wats up people. new to 9thgencivic im picking up my Alabaster Silver Metalic SI this coming friday. i was fighting to get the CBP or the TW. but they couldnt get me one. thats what they said. :sad: use to own couple hondas/acuras. still own a 98 integra but i think its time to move on and leave...
  12. California
    Anybody from Central California? 559 area? I haven't seen any 2012 Honda Civic Si's around. Just EX's and LX's.
1-12 of 12 Results