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  1. Interior mods
    Hey guys, I'm trying to change my original shift knob for an after market one and I just want to double check on how to properly remove it so I don't break anything. If anyone knows how or a previous thread explains it please help me!! I need pictures or a video. Sorry I'm visual Thanks!!
  2. Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    Ok, I've been searching for a DIY with lots of photos and haven't seemed to find one. I decided to make my own instead. It's a fairly simple job, but it can be time consuming if you've never done this before. It also gets a little messy. Just take your time and be patient. Here goes nothing lol...
  3. General Maintenance
    Can't believe it myself, but I've driven over 21,000 on my '13 Si and have enjoyed every single one of them. A majority are highway miles. I'm making this thread because I usually don't keep vehicles more than 2-3 years and have never owned a manual for that long. So, what do I need to get...
  4. Audio/Video & Navigation
    If I change the wallpaper or add new ones, will the Honda and the Si that come on when you initially open the turned off car still come on? Thanks! Sent from AutoGuide.com App
  5. Wheels and Tires
    My stock lx rim are 15 inch tire size 195/65r15. And my new rim 17 inch with tire size 215/35r17 . My speedometer now read more faster than my correct speed. When my car run 50mph so speedometer show 55mph , when I run 45 and speedometer will show 49mph. How to fix this ? Sent from...
  6. General Maintenance
    Ok guys so I've been pondering this question for a bit now and cannot seem to come to a satisfactory conclusion of my own. MTF... LSD Oil... GEAR Oil... I'm looking into synthetics for all three on my Si. My question is can I use one for all? Or are they all the same anyways? I mean, is...
  7. Interior mods
    I have seen a few threads of seat color change talk, but has any one had the balls to try it? If so input and pics would be appreciated! Sent from my iPhone using AutoGuide.com App
  8. Sedan
    My parents recently bought me a Civic LX (simple) yay, now I want it to be my project (I'm a female so be nice) I wanted to know if it was possible to remove my current bumper and add an EX bumper (because of the fog lights) to mine? Where would I buy it? I have been looking around and still no...
  9. Exterior
    Hi everybody, recently some dude im a motorcycle crashed in the rear of my car causing a broken taillight so i would like to know if theres is a way i can replace a new one by myself without the need of going to my dealershop and pay a lot to do that. Thanks in advance. Sent from my...
  10. Drivetrain Problems
    Usually i dont post things, this site is full of information and i thank everyone for their experiences and information they post on here, but i have been having weird clutch noise ever since i bought the car in April 2012. Just to clarify i bought the car with 16000 miles on it. I was so eager...
  11. Hybrids/ CNG
    Hi guys, would greatly appreciate it if someone can share with us on how to replace the engine oil, brake and CVT fluids or alternatively point to us which website has such details...many thanks for your help...
  12. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    So here is an interesting tid bit and I'm wonding if anyone else has noticed this.. last night my bf and I were painting my calipers red so naturally we took the wheels off. When removing the front passenger tire my bf noticed that there was oil all over the control arm and other parts in that...
  13. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Really confused right now with the car.... tried going through everything on the menu and it only shows that I can change the km/mph on how many miles I get to the gallon on the speed.... HELP PLEASE lol
  14. Wheels and Tires
    When I first bought my Si, I absolutely loathed the stock wheels, I thought they were fugly compared to the 8th gen Si wheels and especially the HFP wheels. They have since grown on me and I don't really see myself spending hundreds or even thousands to replace wheels when I could just spend...
  15. Sedan
    Hi, have to change (remove and change with exact one) the top grille the blackened SI: #3 from this diagram url: Honda Automotive Parts how do I proceed to do it? do I need to remove the entire bumper? no right? PS: I already/and this is for this SI I am not upgrading.
  16. Exterior
    Hi, basic question: How to change out stock low beam bulb- 9th civic si? I look at the driver side is in front of the battery (can't reach in) and the passenger side is in front of the washer fluid unit (can't reach in).???
  17. Interior
    Trunk Light Does anyone know how to change the inside trunk light, i'm wanting to order LEDs for them. It would be nice if someone knows what bulb its using also. Thanks.
1-18 of 36 Results