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  1. Interior Problems
    I lost one of our keys (2012 Civic LX) and I'd like to know other user's experiences for finding an inexpensive replacement. Is it true that I MUST go to a Honda dealer for the key and/or final cutting/programming? Is there any web site that can supply a complete key if I give them the codes...
  2. Sedan
    I just have to say that if you want to make your car more enjoyable, drive a crappier car for a while. My girlfriend has a 2011 corolla (Manual trans), that I occasionally drive for her. After driving that thing and getting back in my si it feels like a whole different car. All of the little...
  3. Exterior
    Hey, I was wondering what were some of the cheapest and/or easiest mods to do for the LX? Thanks.
  4. Canada
    Just thought you all might like to check out this nice Consumer Reports report :eusa_clap::wigglesmiley:
1-4 of 5 Results