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  1. General Maintenance
    Can't believe it myself, but I've driven over 21,000 on my '13 Si and have enjoyed every single one of them. A majority are highway miles. I'm making this thread because I usually don't keep vehicles more than 2-3 years and have never owned a manual for that long. So, what do I need to get...
  2. Intakes and Spacers
    I just installed the afe Intake and the Check Emissions, VSA, and Power steering came on... I believe the intake is on correctly... Will it go off by itself?
  3. Canada
    Heya this is for Ontario members. Alot of you know I moved from Ontario recently, and my entire family is still there. I am just checking in to make sure everyone is safe after that snowstorm. Throw up some pics of your civic today :p And I hope none of you were out on the roads today, and if...
  4. Sedan
    just found this photo, size is 18x8.5 et30
  5. Sedan
    Should I give them a call? then the end result. in black
  6. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi All, For those of you who had your speakers/amp/sub professionally installed, I wanted to ask what price you paid. I am trying to get a general ballpark figure for what others paid. Yes, I realize that such costs will vary from place to place, especially in different cities, I'm just...
  7. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Hello, first time I writing about this awesome Takeda Intake. The reason for this is because I have a quick question, since the installation of this part...I've been having my "Check Emission System" light pop on my dash and I was wondering if you had any reasons to that. I took it to a shop and...
  8. Intakes and TB Spacers
    My 'Check Emissions' light came on today. I was at idle for about 5 minutes at my friends house talking, seeing as how I planned to be there a bit longer, I shut the engine off. Well when I turned it on to leave (10 mins later) the light came on. I installed the Greddy intake last week, it's...
  9. Interior Problems
    So, I had a CEL and check emissions system message come up on my I-mid about two weeks ago. I checked the gas cap, all the hoses on the intake and exhaust for leaks, bad connections and etc. but found nothing. I also started to notice my gas mileage also drop about 10 miles/gallon. After...
  10. ECU Tuning
    They will e-tune your car they are very good! They tuned my supercharged 2003 si. Brewed Motorsports
  11. Mid-West
    2012 sedan red. Milwaukee!
  12. New Member Introductions
    whats up guys my name is garrett, i have a blue 9th sedan si i have it slammed on d2 coilovers and hondata reflash and sitting pretty on candy purple work equip m1
  13. Video Room
    heres a vid she made of a painting she made! Watch me paint! - YouTube
  14. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I thought they fixed the issues with the injen CAI? Maybe I shouldn't have bought this intake from an eBay seller. They're probably selling rejected batches of these intakes. :/ Guess I have to pay return shipping to get a refund or they might even tell me to go through Injen instead...
  15. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I installed the CAI yesterday. I have driven about 40-50 miles with it installed. The check engine light came and a check emission warning came up on the i-mid screen. Anyone else have this issue after the CAI install? Anyone know how to get rid of it? Sent from my DROIDX using AutoGuide.com App
1-16 of 41 Results