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  1. General Maintenance
    Can't believe it myself, but I've driven over 21,000 on my '13 Si and have enjoyed every single one of them. A majority are highway miles. I'm making this thread because I usually don't keep vehicles more than 2-3 years and have never owned a manual for that long. So, what do I need to get...
  2. Intakes and Spacers
    I just installed the afe Intake and the Check Emissions, VSA, and Power steering came on... I believe the intake is on correctly... Will it go off by itself?
  3. Canada
    Heya this is for Ontario members. Alot of you know I moved from Ontario recently, and my entire family is still there. I am just checking in to make sure everyone is safe after that snowstorm. Throw up some pics of your civic today :p And I hope none of you were out on the roads today, and if...
  4. Sedan
    just found this photo, size is 18x8.5 et30
  5. Sedan
    Should I give them a call? then the end result. in black
  6. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi All, For those of you who had your speakers/amp/sub professionally installed, I wanted to ask what price you paid. I am trying to get a general ballpark figure for what others paid. Yes, I realize that such costs will vary from place to place, especially in different cities, I'm just...
  7. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Hello, first time I writing about this awesome Takeda Intake. The reason for this is because I have a quick question, since the installation of this part...I've been having my "Check Emission System" light pop on my dash and I was wondering if you had any reasons to that. I took it to a shop and...
  8. Intakes and TB Spacers
    My 'Check Emissions' light came on today. I was at idle for about 5 minutes at my friends house talking, seeing as how I planned to be there a bit longer, I shut the engine off. Well when I turned it on to leave (10 mins later) the light came on. I installed the Greddy intake last week, it's...
  9. Interior Problems
    So, I had a CEL and check emissions system message come up on my I-mid about two weeks ago. I checked the gas cap, all the hoses on the intake and exhaust for leaks, bad connections and etc. but found nothing. I also started to notice my gas mileage also drop about 10 miles/gallon. After...
  10. ECU Tuning
    They will e-tune your car they are very good! They tuned my supercharged 2003 si. Brewed Motorsports
  11. Mid-West
    2012 sedan red. Milwaukee!
  12. Video Room
  13. New Member Introductions
    whats up guys my name is garrett, i have a blue 9th sedan si i have it slammed on d2 coilovers and hondata reflash and sitting pretty on candy purple work equip m1
  14. Video Room
    heres a vid she made of a painting she made! Watch me paint! - YouTube
  15. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I thought they fixed the issues with the injen CAI? Maybe I shouldn't have bought this intake from an eBay seller. They're probably selling rejected batches of these intakes. :/ Guess I have to pay return shipping to get a refund or they might even tell me to go through Injen instead...
  16. Flossy
    HELLO 9TH GEN CIVIC PEEPS!!! Here is a line-up of our steez. Feel free to utilize the newly created discount code for FR-S members: flossycivic Keep in mind we do custom work for $10 mas (some pictured) Also, order on Shopflossy.com if you like what you see Grip Tape Heavyweight @ 545...
  17. Intakes and TB Spacers
    I installed the CAI yesterday. I have driven about 40-50 miles with it installed. The check engine light came and a check emission warning came up on the i-mid screen. Anyone else have this issue after the CAI install? Anyone know how to get rid of it? Sent from my DROIDX using AutoGuide.com App
  18. Wheels and Tires
    Sparco Drift. 17 X 8. ET 48. Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2(OE summer tire option). For daily driving. Kumho V710. 215/40/17. To be put onto the factory rims. For Autocross. Tell me what you think.
  19. Mid-West
    Lets see how man from Wisconsin are here. Let me know I havent seen any other 9th gens around yet.
  20. Honda & Civic News
    2013 Accord Revealed