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  1. ECU Tuning
    Hey guys, I've had my 2015 Si for about three months now and I love it. I just ordered a flashpro and I'm really excited to get it tuned. One of my friends showed me this website for other tuning chips. Has anyone ever heard of this brand? I am just looking to get some more information. I'm not...
  2. Coupe
    Opinions: Front stone chip guard vs... - some kind of laminate protection - magnetic black guard(if you know what I mean) - anything else you think of. - OR, just leaving the hood as-is? Which is the better one --> pros & cons. I myself am leaning towards the stone guard, made of lexan, or...
  3. ECU Tuning
    Has anyone tried or heard anything about this? http://www.gfchips.com/hondacivic.aspx Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Well I washed my car last week and when I was cleaning the rims I noticed this chip below, and also my passenger side seat the mesh part is like tearing, some of the fabric is like coming out. Here is a picture of the rim. My questions is would the dealer fix these I mean it's only got 4,500...
  5. ECU Tuning
    I just bought a 2012 civic Ex. I have realized that there is really nothing out yet. But does any one know what company's have chips or ecus that actually improve hp/torque. Also what would be the way to go out of the two. Thanks
  6. ECU Tuning
    Hey, Anyone know what this SS chip is that I saw on eBay? It's supposed to increase gas mileage and boost HP too. ???????? What does it hook up to? How does it work....uhh......or does it even work? :unsure: Thanks NEW PERFORMANCE CHIP 2012 HONDA CIVIC | eBay
  7. ECU Tuning
    Anyone purchase one of these yet? I'm looking to do it, just a little skeptical because of the advertised gains, and the price of the chip. Looking at this one right now: X3 Performance Chip with O2 Sensor Control [X3] : Performance Chip - Car Performance Chips ECU Tuning Flash
  8. Exterior Problems
    Hi Everyone, Today while pumping fuel, i was getting the bugs off my front bumper, and got a black mark from the rubber. Tried rubbing it off with a paper towel, got it off, but in one spot i guess i pressed too hard and got a small piece of paint off the bumper. So it looks like a rock chip...
1-8 of 9 Results