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  1. 2012 civic si IMID display not displaying

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey guys first post here, been running into intermittent issues with my IMID display not displaying the things it should be! Odometer, temp, power monitor and fuel range! My AC also doesn't blow as cold as it should, multiple lights around NAV flicker/pulsate aswell as lights on steering wheel...
  2. Is buying an si with the first gear clutch noise a good idea?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I am looking into getting my first civic si and the one I am looking at makes this weird noise when in first gear. A friend of mine told me not to worry about, but I just wanted to check here to make sure it is not a deal breaker. I found this youtube video with the same issue. Looking...
  3. Main Navigation system screen and A/C black at the same time(Civic Si 2014)

    Interior Problems
    Guys , I had this big problem with my Civic Si 2014. The Navigation screen and the A/C LCD display went black and they both stopped working at the same time. Did anyone experience this? I checked the fuses, and they are all working. Can someone please help me?
  4. Ktuner V2 vs Hondata Flash pro

    ECU Tuning
    Hey everyone, I been thinking about buying either the Ktuner V2 or hondata flashpro but I am a little conflicted on which I should get. On one hand I like that hondata is tried and tested and has been around for the longest time, but i also want to be able to monitor everything that is going on...
  5. 2015 Civic Si Making Noise

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey all, the noise is coming from the front wheel on the driver's side. I have a Buddy Club N+ Spec Damper Kit on it. Not sure if it's the issue but anything helps. Can't post the video, so I'm not sure how to show you guys.
  6. Planning on buying HFP Underbody Spolier. NEED SOME ADVICE

    So I have a 2013 Civic Si Coupe. I am planning on buying the HFP side skirts for my car but before I buy them I just have a few questions. Is it worth getting them installed at a Honda Dealership, or is it easy enough for me to install my self and is there any online instruction or video that I...
  7. Noise, vibration when stepping on clutch

    Drivetrain Problems
    I know some similar threads have been started, but I had an additional issue... I have a 2012 Civic Si sedan. Like some others, I feel a vibration when stepping on the clutch. This isn't the 1-2 shift problem (already been there), it's purely clutch pedal vibration. What's different with me...
  8. "H" Speed Rating for my 2012 Si

    Wheels and Tires
    My co-workers bought the tires below right before his car got totaled. It will fit my Si for everything (e.g. tire size, width) except for the Speed Rating. Its only one speed letter lower but the price that I could get them at is a steal. Is there possible damage to the car or will they just...
  9. DC Sport Short Ram Intake

    Intakes and Spacers
    Ok guys question, a friend of mine recently gave me their DC sport short ram intake from their 2012/2013 Si. I have a 2014 Si. Are the connections different from their year to mine? There are 2 extra connections that have nowhere to go on my car after it is connected. Is that normal or does this...
  10. FG4 Zero-R carbon rear diffuser

    I've taken off the mugen wing for now because I am currently working on getting a cf wing made for our fg4 coupes. Will post pics of new wing soon. Heres a couple angles of this carbon diffuser by JEI Technologies.
  11. kraftwerks supercharger help!!!

    Forced Induction And Nitrous
    Good evening everyone I am new to the forum and just bought a 2013 civic si a few months ago. Ive been looking at getting the kraftwerks supercharger for my car to add some more power to it cause god knows they come slow! The problem I seem to be having is everyone I talk to about it is telling...
  12. Hybrid Racing CAI

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    So i've done a couple quick searches and haven't been able to find a ton of info, or any recent first hand experience . Originally i wanted an 8th gen SI but couldn't find one so i went with a 9th. Well back when i was researching 8ths i planned on getting a Hybrid Racing CAI , it seems like a...
  13. 13 si blown engine

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I had a ring go on the #4 cylinder. Oil shot out from the breather on the valve cover. Big mess... anyways does anyone know if the k24z7 from the 2012 si will work as a replacement? I know its the same motor but I noticed the ecu part numbers are different. I have a flash pro to accommodate some...
  14. DIY - Si Transmission Fluid Change (Photo Heavy)

    Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    Ok, I've been searching for a DIY with lots of photos and haven't seemed to find one. I decided to make my own instead. It's a fairly simple job, but it can be time consuming if you've never done this before. It also gets a little messy. Just take your time and be patient. Here goes nothing lol...
  15. Win A Trip To The 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon On 10thCivicForum.com!

    9th Gen Civic Site News
    CREATE AN ACCOUNT, MAKE THE REQUIRED POSTS AND WIN! Contest Details And Eligibility Your new 10thCivicForum.com member account or existing account must have a minumum of 25 forum posts. 1st post or 1 post must be in the New Member Introduction Section make a new thread post an...
  16. My TW Si <<Coupe>>

    Pictures and Images
    Hi all, I figured it would be easier to create an ongoing picture thread to document my mods. So far the only mods that have gone on the car are: 5K HID headlights/fogs Readout tails LED bulbs throughout the car F1 style 3rd break light module BC Racing coilovers (8K F&R springs) PJDM Carbon...
  17. Anyone in North Jersey?

    Hi Everyone! I just got my 2015 civic si and joined the forum. Thought it would be cool to find other civic owners in the area.
  18. South Miami Crew?!

    Been trying to find a "crew", or just people to drive with too and fro on car meets!:eek3dancesmiley: Currently live 5 minutes from Homestead speedway and want to explore different places of Miami (Moved here 6 months ago, still haven't really met anyone) Sidenote: Really want to put a vinyl...
  19. SoFlo Cars?!

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I just figured out that EVERY FRIDAY, there is an event at the Homestead Speedway! You can be sure that they will be counting me as a regular from now on. If anyone wants to meet up (Civics or not) on July 17th, 2015 (Or any other Friday) at the Speedway hit me up on Instagram (@mattsodaro) OR...
  20. What's up everyone!?

    New Member Introductions
    I picked up my Si yesterday and it's awesome! I was involved in an accident that totaled my G37S recently and decided to come back to Honda - I had an RSX some years back. I was lucky to snag a fully packaged Si - the dealer said it was a corporate car and they had just received it last week...