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  1. Differential Chatter?

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    2014 Civic Si Sedan. Obvious axle clicking when turning right - got it replaced, which resolved that issue. Then noticed clicking when turning left - got it replace BUT this did not solve the noise. Best heard when turning left at full lock, second gear, light acceleration. Can be heard in...
  2. Ignition clicking while all dash lights appear when trying to start engine

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hello, I have a really strange problem that I may have brought on myself. First I will explain what I did before the problem began and then the problem itself. Began with the replacement of my OEM factory radio which is no longer under warranty. I purchase a OEM factory radio from Ebay seller...
  3. Clicking Passenger Seat Only when Occupied

    Interior Problems
    Anyone else have a clicking passenger seat ONLY when there is a passenger in the seat? I have a 2012 Coupe and whenever I have someone sitting in that passenger seat, this annoying clicking begins and it is extremely annoying. Anyone know of any fixes for this problem? Please, my sanity and...
  4. Auto Tranny Stays in Low Gear on Downhills?

    Drivetrain Problems
    noise when releasing the brakes hi! i have a civic coupe ex-l and it's just 2 months old with barely 1k miles. i noticed that whenever i'm on D, and release the brakes, i hear like a grinding noise and it's annoying. and whenever i'm on R, and release the brakes, i can hear a knocking noise at...
  5. Clicking noise from fuse box!? PLEASE HELP

    Interior Problems
    Hey guys the other day i go out to my car after it had just gotten driven and it drove fine but as i got closer i heard a fast clicking noise from the fuse box and noticed my key was still in the ignition but it wasnt on or anything. so i tried to start it to maybe make it go away and it wouldnt...
  6. Grinding/rubbing sound coming from (right?) when turning left.

    Interior Problems
    Hey all, I think I'm just a little paranoid here but today as I was making a pretty sharp left turn, I could hear a pretty major rubbing noise coming from what sounds like the front right of the car. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I was able to reproduce it a few times in a...
  7. Rear dash rattle/vibration

    Interior Problems
    Rattle in the back please HELP! I have a 2012 honda civic coupe black. I had it for just over a month now, and I noticed that when I go over a bump(all the time) on the road or when i go up to a certain spee(sometimes) there is a small rattle on the rear side of my car. It sounds as if some...
  8. What are the 1, 2, and 3-D settings for?

    Drivetrain Problems
    How to safely use the D3 / 2/ 1 gears on automatic Hi guys, I just bought a 2012 civic sedan (automatic) which I'm very excited/proud of =) I've had this car for almost a week now. However today I was exiting a highway ramp and let off the accelerator but my rpm needle increased all the up to...
  9. Clicking clutch

    Drivetrain Problems
    Strange Tranny or cluth noise. Hey i got a 2012 Civic LX manual sedan. I have noticed that when im changing gears i hear a light thud or pop. it usually happens when i put the cluch in, and then when i change gears i hear the transitioning of the gears. Usually only happens in the first 2-3...