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  1. "Clunking" Sound Coming From Rear (Gas?)

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    This is going to come off sounding extremely "noobish", I know - but I'm getting tired of it. From day 1 with my 2013 Si sedan, whenever I come to a normal speed stop, I can hear several "clunks" coming from the rear. The sound is as if the gas is sloshing back forth several times and then...
  2. Clunking Noise

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hey guys, I'm a new 12 Honda Civic EX owner. I've noticed whenever I back out of my driveway and turn right, my car make a LOUD clunking noise and stops right after. Does anybody know what this could be? Thanks in advance!
  3. Clicking clutch

    Drivetrain Problems
    Strange Tranny or cluth noise. Hey i got a 2012 Civic LX manual sedan. I have noticed that when im changing gears i hear a light thud or pop. it usually happens when i put the cluch in, and then when i change gears i hear the transitioning of the gears. Usually only happens in the first 2-3...