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  1. My 9th Gen Detailing and Coated with CQuartz Finest by Hamza7

    Detailing, Wash & Wax
    Hey Everyone, so about 10 days ago I had some free time after a detail and decided to finally work on my families 9th gen Civic. I polished some of the panels out and coated it with CQF (CQuartz Finest). CQF is a coating which differs from a wax in a few ways, firstly it's approximately 100...
  2. Products for cleaning Powder Coated rims....?

    Detailing, Wash & Wax
    Anybody know of any good products for cleaning powder coated rims without causing any damage?
  3. Lets see your engine bay!

    Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    Old: New: Will possibly paint my old one all crazy, and may end up color matching the "HONDA" on the new cover with the PMM color.