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  1. Feedbacks, Questions and Comments

    Hi guys, We know that there is a certain amount of posts and threads related to our products and service. Unfortunately, we have not been able to locate and address all the questions, comments, or reviews left in regards of CARiD by this time. We decided to open a separate thread for such...
  2. Rice or Nice: Post your comments.

    Post up your questions, comments and concerns for modifications you have already done or you have thought about doing but aren't too sure about how it would look and would like some feedback from the community. I'll start with mine... now that I've installed my JDM Red H's from the 2009-2011...
  3. a few comments

    I recently bought a 2012 EX-L Civic, and it so far exceeds my expectations. Two comments though, Honda sure put an ugly engine cover on it, and why does Honda keep putting the battery just behind the driver's side headlight? I think they should put the air box there and the battery back towards...
  4. Self installed fog comments

    Just installed Fogs on my EX-L Coupe and thought I would share my comments. If you have access to a lift it is a lot easier. I don’t think ramps would help that much. It was 94 degrees when I did it and it was no fun working under the car. Only major glitch was the power connectors. There were...
  5. 2012 Civic, one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2011

    Honda & Civic News
    2012 Civic engine: K series or something new? Are they still keeping the k20 engine in the 2012 civic or is there something new to look forward too? I love my civic as much anyone does but sometimes I'm left wanting a faster motor..... :(