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  1. New 2015 Si Coupe Complaints

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I have a few complaints, I just bought a Grey 2015 Coupe SI and the car is beautiful. #1 Sub Volume sucks, I had the dealership look at it, they measured the volume with a volt meter thing and call Honda tech on the phone. In the end they stated its normal and just like the previous civics...
  2. My biggest complaint for the 9thgens

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    My biggest problem is the iPod/usb connection. Every time I use my iPod I have noticed that you cannot control the music through the iPod, only through the imid screen. This is a PITA because I have over 3000 songs on my iPod and scrolling through 3000 songs would take over 30 mins, lol. Does...
  3. Si Rev Hang Issue

    Drivetrain Problems
    Anyone driving one of these care to chime in with their experience? "In fact, our only serious beef with the new engine is its considerable overrun when the throttle is suddenly dropped. Among other things, that makes for very little initial engine braking, and the revs sometimes take a couple...