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  1. Hybrids/ CNG
    Hi! I have a 2012 Civic Hybrid that I got new and have loved every day since, but I was planning to finally sell/trade in when the used car market went insane. I waited, and now my AC Compressor clutch has died. I've got a new one on the way from China and a shop that's going to put it in and...
  2. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Simply put my a/c is always on, i turn the a/c off in the car and even turn off the fan and cold air still comes out. If i physically look at the compressor the clutch is always engaged and doesn’t disengage. Now if i disconnect the connection which is located on the alternator(which leads to...
  3. Drivetrain Problems
    I bought my 2012 Civic Coupe in June and in the past few weeks I have noticed that the AIR is not cooling at all after the car has sat in the sun for an extended period of time. Mind you, I live in Las Vegas where this is definitely a serious issue and the problem was apparent in San Diego...
1-4 of 4 Results