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  1. RCA converter

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    Has anybody else had trouble hooking your converter into the factory sub wires? I've blown 2 subs. Apparently it's pushing to much power into the aftermarket amp and blowing the subs. Has anybody had luck tying into the other rear deck speakers or will I have the same outcome? I liked using the...
  2. Which Line Out Converter?

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    So, looking into buying one finally so I can install my amp/sub and am debating whether or not this one is worth the money (~$80) and/or necessary or if I should just get a plain jane for like $20? Basically I'm debating between the more expensive and less expensive and wondering if I truly...
  3. Adjustable Line Output Converter

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    Alright guys i need instructions on how to install this converter to my Si.. Its a PAC SNI-35 Adjustable Line Output Converter. I need to know which wires go with...well with which wire. Heres a pic...
  4. Line Out Converter

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    I am going to run 2 subs and an aftermarket amp and have already purchased a line out converter (The picture at the bottom). This converter has 4 wires (Right +, Right -, Left +, Left -). Instead of tapping into each stock sub with each of the wires couldn't I just tap into one sub and wire...
  5. Ultimate Racing Civic Si Exhaust Thread

    Exhausts and Downpipes
    Ultimate Racing Catback Exhaust - 2012 Civic Si Ultimate Racing Civic Si Exhaust Thread...
  6. The generic What Exhaust System thread

    Downpipes and Exhausts
    yea yea i know its not out yet, but i felt like asking and getting this off my head lol......what brands have good exhaust systems that i may want to look into once the 9th gen civic comes out and their product comes out for it? a friend told me magnaflow was good, and i dont want any ricer...