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  1. Appearance and Body Modifications
    I put on some MGP caliper covers last night. They´re painted DBP to match the car. What do you think? Be brutal if you need to. I´m hoping for some frank, honest opinions. Is this: Awesome? Kinda ricer? A´aight? Meh? Pfft? A sacrilege to all that is holy? Pics:
  2. CARiD.com
    Greeting, guys! We have a new product to offer you. Check it out and tell me what you think about it. The best way to forecast the future is to build it, and CarCapsule knows that better than any other company. Being a successful manufacturer of unique vinyl bubble covers, the corporation is...
  3. Wheels and Tires
    updated w/new pics- 16 in wheel covers on 15 in wheels with 215 Michelin Defenders Scotty started a thread about using the 16 in gen 8 caps on our wheels a while back and I decided to do it. I started a new thread since the other one is buried in the exterior styling forum and I've got some...
  4. Sedan
    I know that you can buy one for the review mirror but does anybody know if they make them for the drive and passenger side mirrors? somebody took out my passenger side mirror and since I have to replace it anyways I figured why not change both.
  5. Coupe
    I have a black civic and was wondering if I can purchase black headlight covers , clip ons or velcros
  6. Lighting
    Fog Light Covers 2012 Civic 4dr DX, LX, HF, Hybrid http://www.collegehillshonda.com/instructions/civic/2012/4dr/foglights.pdf
  7. Coupe
    Woo! One more aftermarket part! May not be for everyone, but anyone loaded with chrome will appreciate these lol See/buy em here :) Brand New Chrome Side Mirror Cover for Honda Civic 2012 | eBay
  8. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    I live in Minnesota where we seem to face the harshest of all seasons. Without a garage, what are your opinions on using a car cover (how often, for what kind of weather/forecasts, if at all)? How about the continual use of the same car cover even if the car is dirty (like during the winter...
  9. Coupe
    Found these today while surfing ebayyyy NEW HONDA CIVIC 2012 CHROME HEADLIGHT COVER | eBay Looks like a whole cover or just the trim? The seller isn't answering me...
  10. Coupe
    Has any1 trying putting clear headlight covers on their headlight? I wonder if these will prevent headlights from hazing. Honda Civic Coupe (2012, 2013) Headlight Covers
  11. Coupe
    So I'm about to be out of town for 4 weeks and want to get a car cover, for obvious reasons. It'll be at my parent's house, and they won't be driving it. Doing a Google search for "Honda car cover" returns some sites that I'm a bit skeptical about... has anyone bought a cover that they...
  12. Suspension & Brakes
    Does anybody know where I can buy brake caliper covers for my 12 SI, MGP does not have them for the 12 SI yet, Thanks in advance:)
  13. Interior mods
    Hi Folks After installing a white/black wheelskins steering wheel cover....I would like to get a e brake cover as well - I really don't like the cheap silver plastic job they did with it, and the auto trans shifter as well... Has anyone modified either of those.........can you direct me where...
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hi, Rookie to the Forum. Just bought a Dyna-Blue LX Sedan and am as happy as punch (See attached photo). After driving a large mini-van for 10 years you can imagine the grin on my face now as I drive something that actually responds to my steering! Memories are flooding back to me of when I...
  15. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I was digging in my storage room and I remember I had a Vision Technica Carbon Fiber Spark Plug Cover that I never installed on my EP3. So I took it out and test fit it on my K24Z7. No Bueno...The holes don't line up :ohmy:. That also means, both my ARC Stainless and Titan Spark Plug Covers for...
  16. Interior mods
    i've got some vibration coming from the base of my a pillars that the dealer won't take the time to diagnose or fix.. (after 2 visits). I bought some foam tape and want to correct the problem myself since i don't have the time to keep returning to the dealer just so they can tell me "we don't...
  17. Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    Old: New: Will possibly paint my old one all crazy, and may end up color matching the "HONDA" on the new cover with the PMM color.
  18. College Hills Honda
    We have 1 set of 2012 15" Steel Wheels and Hub Caps available for cheap. These came off of a brand new 2012 that had alloys installed prior to delivery. If you are looking some steel wheels to install winter tires on these would be perfect. Note that if you have alloys and are going to...
  19. Interior Problems
    A hole on the steering wheel of a new 2012 Civic - Please Help! I recently purchased a new 2012 Civic LX Sedan (I live in Toronto, Canada) and after 2 days of driving it, I found a hole on the center-back of the steering wheel. I took it to the dealer (different from the dealer from what I...
  20. Canada
    I'm looking for GOOD quality seat covers for my White 2012 Civic EX 4dr. Both front and rear. I'm thinking of going with Wet Okole or Cover Craft, but if I can figure out a good quality from a Canadian company, I'd rather grab them from somewhere north of the border and save on exchange...
1-20 of 23 Results