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  1. Boomba Racing
    Eventually rotors do wear down. Uneven fade can cause premature rotor wear. Boomba Racing understand the importance and we have just picked up a brand new grinder for rotors and flywheels. We have plenty of experience cooking our rotors on the race course and even more experience in precision...
  2. Exterior
    Does anyone know if this will work on a 9th gen setup? Complete Mini H1 Retrofit DIY on 8th gen Civic - 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum
  3. Interior Problems
    This Civic marks my 5th Honda/Acura vehicle and I'm beginning to have serious doubts about its ability to hold up long term. Only 1.5 months and 2000 miles in and I'm already getting squeaks and random rattles. My drivers floormat is already wearing down the carpet by the clutch and gas pedals...
  4. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have searched all over and there is a bunch of post for the si and the ex-l but nothing for the LX. What I want to do is add a subwoofer to the factory system but i contacted the dealership and they said in order to keep my waranty I CANNOT cut any wires to add a subwoofer. How would I do this?
  5. Bolt-Ons and All-Motor
    im already planning for my mods to the car even before i get it. but since im probably going to be putting nitrous on it im thinking of changing the headers at the same time. is it worth that extra money to get some nice 4-2-1 headers?