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  1. Fuel Line Clearances from Body

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Greetings all! I have a 2012 civic sedan ex and I had my fuel lines replaced at the dealership. I removed the left side shroud to access the lines and assess the installation after the tech spent more time attempting to view the fuel line from the openings through the shroud. The fuel lines...
  2. Lol blue dodge dart

    Pictures and Images
    I work at a Dodge dealership as Tech, and this blue dart is hideous lol Sent from AutoGuide.com App
  3. Installation of accessories outside of dealership

    I am planning to buy the Civic 2013 EX-L online through penfed because I get a good rate on financing: https://penfed.truecar.com/main.html?referrer_id=ZPEN000005 Now, I won't be able to get any accessories installed with the online purchase. And I wanted to have Body Side Moldings, Auto...
  4. Getting auto-start / alarm on my Si from Honda dealership. Do they normally do this??

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    So, I am getting an alarm put on the Si from the dealership as a gift today for $425 installed, was told it would be $620 with auto-start "didn't know they would do that on a manual." I figured it was probably a mistake and said no thanks just the alarm. I go up there today and the lady says hi...
  5. Dealership Issues/Damage

    So when I purchased my Si in September, i purchase the HPF suspension kit and HFP wheels at the same time. I returned the next week to have it all installed when everything came in. So, they did the install. When I went to pick it up, I noticed my wheels were all scratched up from the...
  6. Bad Dealership Car Wash

    Detailing, Wash & Wax
    Took my car for oil change and they offered a free car wash. i thought they would wash it like they do to all their other cars, but nope. now there's a ton of little scratch marks that you can see in the sun or light... I've been hand washing since I've got it, since i feared these scratches...
  7. New Honda Civic Si Coupe black - still at dealership (protective tape residue).

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I almost picked up a new Civic SI Coupe for my wife last weekend. I decided to inspect the car again before signing the paperwork and noticed either a scratch resulting from hitting from hitting the the doors against the wall or protective tape residue that Honda uses during delivery...
  8. Honda B1 Service?

    General Maintenance
    Honda dealership told me there's a tire rotation indicator? My first maintenance light came on and I was at 4,300 miles so I decided to call Honda dealership for an oil change and such. I also asked them about getting my tires rotated and I was told that it didn't need to be rotated because the...
  9. DIY:plate relocater w/ dealership frame

    Exterior Styling
    Alright a simple lil mod anyone can do.MIGHT ONLY WORK WITH SEDANS, It's not the best DIY but I tried guys!!! Okay so first do it at yur own risk I am not liable for yur plate flying off or yur license plate flying into yur engine and blowing up... Lol Difficulty:EASY Okay first you will...
  10. oil seeping from the timing chain cover

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    So here is an interesting tid bit and I'm wonding if anyone else has noticed this.. last night my bf and I were painting my calipers red so naturally we took the wheels off. When removing the front passenger tire my bf noticed that there was oil all over the control arm and other parts in that...
  11. 12' Coupe Si at dealership!!

    Hey I just saw a new 2012 Si Coupe PMM at VanYork Honda High Point, NC. If any one is looking for on on the east coast. It is where I got mine from. I didn't look at sticker. Hope this helps! Mike
  12. New here from Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Just ordered my '12 last week.

    New Member Introductions
    Stumbled across the forum and decided to join up. My wife and I used to have an '08 DX Coupe which was destroyed in an accident on November 9th, 2010. We ended up replacing it with a 2011 Ford Ranger FX4 when she was up and walking again. Our other car, a 1999 Ford Contour has been nothing but...
  13. POLL: 2012 Civic Si Burning Oil

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey guys! I remember reading on here a few threads ago about people and their Si's burning some oil. Well, my dad bought a 2011 CR-V and it just got recalled, maybe the same thing?
  14. Sneak Peek of 2013 Civic!

    Honda & Civic News
    From what I have heard, it looks like Honda is going to go the retro route for their redesign of the honda civic for 2013. Because of the success of the American muscle cars using the retro theme, they believe it will work for them. [/IMG]
  15. Dealership question/issue

    So I bought an LX 4 weeks ago. Decent price. Coming with a 500 Honda cash card for having to wait for it. Ill likely get it in 2-3 more weeks totalling a 7-8 week wait... its been tough. So here's my issue. I didn't get that great of a financing rate. As I was watching TV 2 days ago, I noticed...
  16. HFP Sport Suspension

    Suspension & Brakes
    Was calling around some dealerships to find out when the HFP Sport Suspension will be available from Honda. The Parts rep told me that they are showing an ETA availability date of 11/01/11. For those that were wondering.
  17. Blown motor, dealership refuses to warranty

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I picked up my Si about 3 weeks ago. It currently has 1267 miles where it sits at the dealership. This past weekend I let my friend check it out and while near redline in 3rd gear he jammed it in 2nd and let off on the clutch. We heard a loud noise followed by a lot of white smoke in the...
  18. Oil FAQ - oil and filter change questions and which brand to go with?

    General Maintenance
    Yesterday, I worked with a friend who has an 87 Chevy truck, that he bought new in 1986, that now has 406,800 miles on the odometer which stopped working last year when the clutch was replaced. So it has more miles than that. It has had 3,000-4,000 mile oil changes using Pennzoil 10-30. The...
  19. What did you pay for your 2012 model and what deals did you get?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    So i know there are a ton of different car buying programs out there such as Truecar.com (which i have used and it works great), Costco auto buying, Military buying, and im sure others. The only problem is that i dont know how much info they will have if any on such a new car. I refuse to pay...
  20. Whats a good bolt on mod for the Civic SI ?

    Si Only
    With my older Civic, i found Spoon Sports and T1R to be my top favorites for performance. I used some Injen parts in the past, but i ended up selling them within weeks of buying it. What are your favorite aftermarket performance brands?