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  1. i-VTEC Decal Idea

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    Hey Everyone, This is my first post about my first 'mod' on my first Civic! I picked up this 2012 SI Sedan about a week ago and decided to do something subtle yet unique. I designed these replacement decals for the rear doors and had them printed at a shop on clear vinyl. I am a bit of an 80s...
  2. Vinyl by the foot?

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    Hi I'm looking to get some "alien eyes" headlight overlays for my 2013 9th gen si coupe and it looks like the only way to do so is to purchase the vinyl by the foot from GrafiXpressions - Express yourself in vinyl form!... My question is what do you do from there? Do you use an x-acto knife and...
  3. Need Decals/Vinyls! Help!!

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    Hey guys I just got my 2012 Honda Civic Si and I already put some red LED's on the inside and im just getting some of the cheaper stuff to make my car stand out done first. I really want a windshield decal that is tight and a back windshield decal that is tight as well. Any websites that you...
  4. 9th Gen NYC Crew Decals - Need Commitments!

    Apparently, my glorious negotiation skills brought these upon us already!!! CHECK EM OUT AND BUY EM!!!!!!!! http://grfxpstore.com/store/product/885037426 Hey all, I reached out to GrafiXpressions to see if they would update the 8th gen NYC crew sticker to 9th Gen. They said that if we had at...
  5. has anyone put blue ivtec decals on a white civic?

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    if so can you post a pic i wanna see how it looks
  6. Red i-VTEC/DOHC decals opinion (with a crappy pic)

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    The day after I got my Si I removed the factory decals because I wanted it to look "cleaner." After a few weeks I got kind of bored with it and thought it looked too plain. So I ordered a cheap set of red vinyl die-cut ones. I was afraid it would look to tacky but I think I kind of like...
  7. MUGEN Skirt Decals

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    Hey guys, just threw these on! promised I'd share once installed... HERE THEY ARE :D What do you think? Yes?? No??
  8. Opinions on vinyl decals

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    Are rocking vinyl decals of your mod mfgs on the body of your car taboo? I'd like some opinions on it. I have vinyl decals (Injen, Full-Race) on my front quarters under the A frame window, and I think it looks kinda sharp. It also keeps me motivated to work on my car... its almost like a...
  9. Put ivtec decals on my Civic coupe ex

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    so far plasti dipped my rims and then put ivtec decals.
  10. Decals!!!

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    Hey guys I'm looking at gettin some fun decals to put on my rear back glass. I have dark tint so I'm thinking white decals. Can you guys post pics of some that you have put on? Thanks! Si HFP Club Member # 13 12' Civic Si HFP Coupe My vtec goes bbbbwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
  11. Red i-vtec decals!!!

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    I am not the first person on here to do this but I switched out my "stock" greyish color i-vtec side badges for some red ones! I was kind of nervous but it looks so much better than I anticipated!!! The red just pops! One thing to note, the stock sticker is not a die cut sticker- the new red one...
  12. Opinion on best place to put group name and sponsor decals

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    Im just wondering where i can put these decals that is filing on my shelves. specially that i will shortly receive my group decal anytime soon. just give your opinion of attach a picture if possible. thank you all!!!