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  1. Sedan
    Saw this the other day (sorry for the crappy pics... I was driving but don't tell anybody) I like the look of this spoiler a lot. Low profile but stylish. Through a little research I think I may have found it, or similar: Honda Deck Lid Spoiler 08F10-TR0-1H0 QUESTION IS -- what year is...
  2. Sedan
    Bought online - waited for my weekend to install.
  3. Sedan
    Okay, so I finally took out some time last saturday to install all my accessories! I decided to get most of them together so I could save on shipping cost. Here's my list: 1 x Interior Illumination kit $82.00 2 x All-Season Floormats - Color: Black $158.00 1 x Deck Lid Spoiler - Exterior...
1-3 of 3 Results