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  1. Details on 2013 Pandora integration?

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    One of you Honda guys, maybe you could answer or when my local dealers get the 2013's on the lot...but what's different about the Pandora access to the audio system than our 2012 models? If I plug my iPhone into the USB port and turn on the Pandora app, the song information, album art and stuff...
  2. Holy Crap Batman..a movie that accurately details me and my job..how did i misss this

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    this is my life..basically!!!! awesomeness awaits!!!!
  3. 9thgencivic Goes to the Dragon September 6th-9th, 2012 Registration and Details

    9th Gen Civic Site News
    Hey Guys, We are partnering with our sister site 8thcivic.com to go down the the dragon. Hope you can make it. Thread from 8thcivic.com http://www.8thcivic.com/forums/8thcivic-com-conquers-dragon-vii-september-6th-9th-2012/291826-8ccd-vii-september-6th-9th-2012-registraion-details.html Thanks.