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  1. Turn off Voice Dial Prompts? (2012 Honda Civic iMid)

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    I have a 2012 Honda Civic and love the iMid. Is there a way to turn off the "Say the name of the person you'd like to call" prompt when you first push the talk button? I know you can push it a second time to pre-empt the prompt, but I thought it could be turned off entirely. I really think...
  2. Couple questions about voice dial and USB.

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    Ok so anyone find a way to turn that damn womans voice down when you activate the voice dial? Also when my iphone gets the unsupported error half the time when I unplug it the car still thinks it's plugged in and I have to actually turn the car off and turn it back on to reset the USB. Any...
  3. Android phone to do gps and voice dial over bluetooth sametime

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    Hi, I have Android Phone which has 2.3.3 OS. I used this phone for gps device at driving. I have Canadian version LX 2012 which has bluetooth integration. I have two questions: 1. During the gps navigation with phone, if someone called me, how can I answer the call by voice? 2. During the...
  4. Bluetooth won't dial long numbers

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    My 2012 Civic Coupe LX's Bluetooth won't dial long numbers. If I initiate the call from my Blackberry Bold 9000, it goes through, if I call it from the uploaded phonebook on the Bluetooth, it only dials some of the numbers. Even if I redial after calling from the Blackberry, it stops part way...