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  1. Audio/Video & Navigation
    recently replaced IMID display in my 9th gen Civic LX....problem is 50% of the functions are missing (can't access phone menu for bluetooth, can't set time,etc...) is there a way to reprogram the display without bringing it in to Honda?
  2. Interior Problems
    I am having an issue with my IMID Display when I connect my iPhone using the HDMI + Lightning + USB adapter connector. The issue is that only the Left Half of my display is on. The Right Half of my IMID Display remains entirely black when I have my iPhone connected. I've used 3 different iPhone...
  3. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey everyone, I've been searching all over the place for this answer but can't seem to find it anywhere. Is there a way to move lane watch to display in the iMid? I did see a video that allows the back camera to be displayed there but nothing for lane watch. I want to do this because I hate...
  4. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, My vehicle is 2.0 Navi, is there any way to show chinese word for my screen display? I-Mid can show chinese word while the screen display can;t show it, it just show ********. Kindly advise. Thanks.
  5. Audio/Video & Navigation
    So I'm planning hard wiring in my Valentine One Radar detector into my 2012 Si Coupe. I'm going to put the detector on the passenger side I'm trying to find a good place for the remote display. Anyone found a good spot yet? Scotty
  6. Audio/Video & Navigation
    new Issue popped up today. The main Odometer has no information displayed. no mileage at all. trip a, b or the actual miles. were about to take the vehicle to the dealership. I was just wondering if there were any similar issues reported. thanks
  7. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Seems like no one is talking about it. I just drove my car with one of my friend and when I showed him the I-VTEC display, he thought it was freaking awesome. This made me think. First time the sales rep showed me this, I told him I didn't care that much. But I have to stop lying to myself. I...
  8. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and registered just to see if anyone knows what's up with my Civic... as the title says, my civic's i-MID display won't show average fuel economy, range, and total miles. On top of that, when I change the brightness of the dash, the meter that would normally...
  9. Audio/Video & Navigation
    It was over 100 degrees here today and my car was in direct sunlight. When I started the car, the info display didn't come on until the a/c was on for about ten minutes with the car in the shade. Seems like the display was under-engineered. Maybe they didn't take hot weather into account.
  10. Interior Problems
    "Display temperature too high.. " off til it cools down, Does anybody else get this? it's about 93 degrees right now and my car was sitting I the sun ever since it came up.. Does the sun reflector thing I the wind shield help stop it? I mean it'll certainly block direct heat but will the cabin...
  11. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey guys, so I was doing some electrical mods a few days ago and I disconnected the battery for safety reasons and now I find my dash isn't how it used to be. It's in the day time I notice a problem. I always run my low beams on (got HID's, looks nice) and when I turn them on my dash displays...
  12. Audio/Video & Navigation
    On the i-MID analog clock screen, my Civic displays only the time, at the right side of the analog clock. However, in this video (at 0:22) I see it also displaying the date (day/month/year) at the left side. How do I set this?
  13. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I just bought a 2012 Civic coupe and today while driving the display screen went completely blank. Music still played and i could change channels but there was nothing there. When I got home I restarted the car and the screen came up like normal... it has yet to give me anymore problems so far...
  14. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, I just bought a 2012 honda civic sedan. I uploaded my wallpaper from a flashdrive and saved it on my i-mid. I selected it to use as my wallpaper and it confirmed it was selected but my screen doesn't change. Is this something I need to show dealer?
  15. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    This evening I started up my car as I usually do. Two warning lights came on: Check Brake System and Check Emissions System. I drove the car for a short distance. Turned the vehicle off and then restarted it. The Check Brake System disappeared, but the Check Emissions System came on again...
  16. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I know this works with certain androids. But does anyone have a iPhone connected throughout bluetooth audio showing the actually song information?
  17. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I've been meaning to verify this for a while but can can album cover images only be displayed from iPods? I played files from a stick with tagged images & they don't display so I assume this is the case, correct?
  18. Audio/Video & Navigation
    according to the MID DISPLAY MANUAL and pictures show in the manual it display "OUTSIDE TEMPERATURE", i just notice that my MID DISPLAY does display any of the TEMPERATURE. so im just wondering how could i put the out side temperature on my MID... 2012 CIVIC LX 4 DOOR =)
  19. Audio/Video & Navigation
    When using the XM radio, the Nav and Multi-Info displays show truncated information, titles etc. Is there a way to scroll it so you can see the full information? Thanks, Rich
1-19 of 25 Results