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  1. DIY Replacing Condenser, Honda Civic LX 2014

    Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    Hello there, About to replace my condenser myself to save on some money. Have a recommended mechanic who will drain the freon for me then recharge it once I'm done. I just need to know what PAG oil to add to the condenser and how much? If I'm correct it's PAG-46 and to add 1.5 ounces. Is that...
  2. questions about tweeters

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    bought a entry level speakers set ( jl c1-650) ive already installed the actual speakers but now im wondering about the tweeters. what are your thoughts on keeping the stock tweeter (still is working and in original location) and install the new tweeter that came with the set in the door...
  3. i-VTEC Decal Idea

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Hey Everyone, This is my first post about my first 'mod' on my first Civic! I picked up this 2012 SI Sedan about a week ago and decided to do something subtle yet unique. I designed these replacement decals for the rear doors and had them printed at a shop on clear vinyl. I am a bit of an 80s...
  4. DIY: How to add projector Door lights to your car for under $10

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey Guys, I just made a simple video on how to add projector door lights to your car and would appreciate if you guys Like,Subscribe,and Share this video! Thanks!!
  5. Civic sedan fog light BLANKS

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hey everyone, i've been lurking for a while now but I just cant seem to find the answer. :: I bought a 2012 EX sedan recently but the only thing missing is both fog light blanks (plastic cover) that covers up the holes where the foglights are suppose to be housed. Ive searched around CL and...
  6. DIY: SiriMoto Short Shift Adapter and Base Bushings [Install Videos]

    We recently started selling the SiriMoto short shift adapter for the 9th Gen Civics and have gotten great feed-back from the community. Offering the best throw reduction for the $, the SiriMoto adapter also offers a unique bushing that no other manufacturer provides. So with no further...
  7. DIY 2012+ Civic Si Torque Damper Injections

    Tools Needed - Jack and two (2) Jack Stands. - 17mm Socket and Ratchet. - Aircraft Wash Tape. (Duct Tape will do) - 3M Windo-Weld #08609 - Caulk Gun - Lint Free Cloth - Blade Make sure you do your research before doing this project. The Hardness (Shore A) of the 3M Windo-Weld is 55-60 with a...
  8. 2012 Honda Civic Si HID Question?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hello, I am really confused, I ordered an HID kit for my 2012 Civic and I've heard people say to plug it in reversed? Can you just plug it in normally, or is there a special way to plug the HID bulbs to the Ballasts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. mugen wing swap

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hey guys I'm looking to purchase the mugen wing for my 2015 si sedan, but i have seen installs with break lights can be rather hard has anyone has any issues with the installing the wing with the brake light.
  10. DIY Condenser Guard- No Bumper Removal

    Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    So I live in an apartment complex without covered parking/slanted parking spaces and wanted, for convenience sake, to install my condenser guard without taking off the bumper in the parking lot. This install is for 2013+ sedans (maybe coupes as well, don't know for certain). I have a 2014 EX-L...
  11. Need Recommendation for Fuel System cleaner

    DIY Section
    Hi I have a 2012 Honda Civic Sedan (mileage = 25K), I am looking to buy a fuel system cleaner that I can use along with fueling the tank with gas. Is there a good and recommended fuel system cleaner that you guys are using and also what is the recommended mileage intervals to use this cleaner...
  12. 2012 Civic lx sedan custom fog lights??

    Wassap guys new here, my names Kea I'm from Hawaii. My current DD is a beautiful 2012 lx sedan CPB MT and I love her!. So far got her on ksport springs 2'' all around, removed intake resonator and a few minor mods here and there but I'm looking to finally do some real body mods and my budget is...
  13. DIY: Blacken Emblem and spray tint tail lights

    Exterior Styling
    Hey guys so just wanted to start out by saying This is my 3rd Honda Civic. I bought the 2014 Civic Si W/HPT in September. Couldn't be happier. As far as DIY, this is the first thing I've done. I've never done any Plasti-dipping or spray tinting before so I'm a Novice at this. Time: First...
  14. fog light control attempt?

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    I'm new here obviously, but I have been reading around on the forums for a few months. How is it that there is not really a crystal clear DIY on how to relay fogs to a toggle switch and turn them on with any light setting? No power to the Fog lights unless the headlights are on. So I'm guessing...
  15. Diy 2013 civic jdm hazard button!!!

    Interior Styling
    DIY 2013 Civic JDM Hazard Button!!! ******* THIS BUTTON WILL FIT 2013 CIVICS!!!!!! ********* I have a 2013 Civic SI, I took the risk and ordered the JDM Hazard button, and I'm officially here to break all this nonsense and say IT FITS THE 2013!!!! Slight modification is needed but that is...
  16. DIY: Amber Tailight Overlay on 13' DBP Si Sedan

    Exterior Styling
    New to this forum. Just showing some overlays on my taillights. Let me know if you like it or have questions. As far as the DIY instructions are concerned, I did not document a step by step with pictures, however below is a description of the steps I took. Apologies if it is poorly described...
  17. HID Retrofit (DIY How To)

    Attention all 9thgencivic members. I'm going to be doing an HID retrofit how to DIY very soon, keep checking back at this page. I will be retrofitting a 2012 Civic Si very soon, so keep checking back.
  18. New to Si's and cars altogether...advice requested.

    Si Only
    So first a little background: Up until now I've never owned a new car, and I never viewed a car much more than something that gets me from point A to point B. I've always had decently reliable used cars where I've never had to do much work on them nor had too much invested to not just get a new...
  19. PlastiDipped EX Grille

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    PlastiDipped my 2012 Civic EX Grille. PlastiDip works great! Well worth it! 6 Coats in total.. Used less than 1 full can. Sorry for the upside down pictures, not sure why that happened.. Were right side up on computer.. Prep Light 1st Coat 2nd Coat 3rd Coat 4th Coat 5th Coat 6th...
  20. DIY: 5 Panel Wink Mirror

    Interior Styling
    After painful hours and lots of work I finally figured it out and it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! =D I got it installed and had to take it down as I am painting the extra brackets black I bought to make it all work. I got to keep my Visors and they fold down and work...