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  1. Low power and odd transmission issues on downhill

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hey so I'm having an issue that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on. I have a 2013 Honda Civic Coupe 5-speed automatic transmission, 83k miles I bought this car a couple weeks ago and I love it but it has been doing some odd things. Basically, the Acceleration has been acting odd. I...
  2. downhill Vibrations normal?

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hi all, my 2012 civic lx is currently 7,000 km... I was wondering if anyone else has this problem or can confirm this for me... Whenever I park (facing) downhill regardless how shallow the slope is... and put the car in park, it feels as if I'm sitting on top of a jackhammer, the car vibrates...
  3. 2012 Civic with Eco Assist

    Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    Never heard of "Eco Assist" until today. Can someone please explain what this is, apparently it will come standard on all 2012 Civic models, and other vehicles in Honda's line up.