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  1. Drivetrain Problems
    hello, So I have a problem with my car it wont go in gear anymore I have a stage 3 clutch ktuned slave/master cylinder set I've checked everything that I thought it would be the car still wont go in gear while the car is on and running while its off it does and I found out when the car is jacked...
  2. General Maintenance
    Ok guys so I've been pondering this question for a bit now and cannot seem to come to a satisfactory conclusion of my own. MTF... LSD Oil... GEAR Oil... I'm looking into synthetics for all three on my Si. My question is can I use one for all? Or are they all the same anyways? I mean, is...
  3. Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls
    I thought this was an interesting site and I do not know if any others know about this. There are 2 recalls for the 2012 Honda Civic Recalls - Auto Recalls for Consumers There are currently 27 complaints about the 2012 civic. Honda Civic Problems, 2012 Honda Civic Complaints - Page #1
1-3 of 3 Results