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  1. Odd 'crackle' sound coming from driverside front pillar [video clip]

    Interior Problems
    Okay guys. I have a weird sound coming from the driver side pillar, right by the tweeter. It literally sounds like ice breaking/crackling. It's odd 'cause it only happens for about 5 minutes or so (sporadically) and then it goes away. Happens almost every morning/late night. It's been cold (mid...
  2. Low volume in driver-side speaker?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey all, just picked up my '12 LX Sedan last night, and noticed that the volume on the front left speaker seems to be weaker than the front right? I messed around with the equalized, and have everything set in the middle, when I adjust it to the left, I can hear music coming through the front...