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  1. Project Code: BLUE (FG4 Build)

    Build Section
    What's UP my 9ers!? I'm Jesse, I'm from Gwinnett Georgia, and I've been poking around on this forum since I got my FG4 back in early 2013, prior to that I had a 2012 LX sedan, which was also DBP, but to be quite honest I wanted more out of my Honda than the LX could provide, I was just so...
  2. Meet Alice... My 2013 Si Coupe

    Build Section
    Been a ghost for a while and have come back with a handful of mods in the past couple months. Here's my baby, Alice: Mods Exterior Window Tint (10%) 3M Paint protection - hood, fenders and mirrors Pro Design Projector Headlights with 8000k HID Low Beam Headlight LED bars on with parking...
  3. DIY: Amber Tailight Overlay on 13' DBP Si Sedan

    Exterior Styling
    New to this forum. Just showing some overlays on my taillights. Let me know if you like it or have questions. As far as the DIY instructions are concerned, I did not document a step by step with pictures, however below is a description of the steps I took. Apologies if it is poorly described...