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  1. 12-15 Civic SI KTuner v1.2 (unlocked)

    For Sale Section
    12-15 Civic SI KTuner v1.2 (ONLY $360!!) Just made the switch over to the Bluetooth Hondata and no longer need this. As you can see from pictures, the item is unlocked and ready to be used on another Si. Price is $360 FIRM shipped - it's still basically new with no box. This one is no...
  2. My Experience With E-Tunez with eDyno

    ECU Tuning
    Finished up my e-tune with Steve from E-tunez. He's been a pleasure to work with, final tune was sent in just 6 days with 7 revisions. Each revision had an explanation of all the changes he made, any and all questions I had were answered completely. Ex: "Rev7: Tune came out perfect here...
  3. Dyno Blue 13' Turbo

    Build Section
    So I'm some what new to these forums as a member and I'd figure I'd show what I have to represent some power numbers that I haven't seen so far. I'm running the PRL Stage 2 kit with a PTE 5862 JB set up. I am on E85 but I am running the stock intake manifold. I haven't found that mix on here yet...
  4. R18 dyno

    ECU Tuning
    Hey guys, I have installed a P2R TBS, Injen CAI, and Takeda axleback exhaust on my 2012 r18 MT. Last thing I want to do is get a hondata flash pro and do a dyno tune, how much will this run me, and what numbers should I expect to get? Was looking into getting headers before the tune, but a lot...
  5. Hello from the TX coast

    New Member Introductions
    I am new to this site and would just like to take this opportunity to say hello and introduce myself just a little. Names Jimmy, I reside in Corpus Christi Texas, by the beach so car washs are a frequent for me. I am not very mechanically inclined, though I do know how to keep my car looking...
  6. Should I get a etune or Dyno Tune?

    ECU Tuning
    I have ordered all my parts and I should have everything later this month. As the title says, should I get Dyno tune through a local shop or should I get a e-tune from someone on here. Is there any advantages/disadvantages of doing one versus the other? Any recommendation for e-tuners or shops...
  7. Boomba Racing Dyno Open!!!

    Boomba Racing
    Hey guys our Mustang Dyno is up and running.Our dyno is an all wheel drive linked system which is very important for testing newer vehicles with traction control (GTR, Evo X, STI, BMW and Porsche). The linked dynamometer does not put any stress at the center differential, because the front and...
  8. Rsx vs si dyno shoot out!!!

    Gatherings and Meets
    For all you RSX and SI Guys we are having an all motor dyno shoot out!! On feb.17th Sunday.we are giving away drag cartel DIC cams! All competitors must register their car for the shoot out once here at the shop,maximum of 4 pulls 10 dollars each pull.whoever gets the highest dyno numbers with a...
  9. My ZDX TB dyno before and after results

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    ok here it is stock tb dyno stocktbdyno_zps55fb5ba1.png photo by RSX2Si | Photobucket zdx tb dyno when first slapping it on and after a fuel adjustment since my AFRs were way off when first installing it zdxtbdynos_zps38a44374.png photo by RSX2Si | Photobucket Overall with the TB swap I...
  10. Dyno Tuning in Calgary Alberta?

    Title pretty much says my question. Anyone know of a good place that I can tune my Si at in calgary?!
  11. 2009 K24 TSX 6 speed Dyno Churchs auto

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Dynoed the car at Churchs auto tuning with the new flashpro... The RRC manifold did it, very impressed with the numbers. Baseline with RRC manifold, header 2.5 intake and torco race oil... 201.2 whp 171.9 torque Tuned 234.2 @ 7251 185.8 torque @ 3928 Very impressed and thought this would help...
  12. Takeda / AFe Intake Systems / TOO Low to Post / In Stock / Dyno Tested @ Import DPS

    Import DPS
    We recently tested a the Takeda Momentum Series Intake on our in house 2012 Civic Si. The car was stock, unmolested and we got some really good gains out this system. Installation was very easy and it added some extra kick to the butt dyno as well. Import DPS doesn't sell parts we...
  13. PRL Motorsports Civic SI Turbo System Dyno Results!!! ... Dynojet and Mustang

    Forced Induction And Nitrous
    PRL Motorsports Civic SI Turbo System Dyno Results!!! ... Dynojet and Mustang Just wanted to share the results and compile them into one post to make it all easier for you all find and look at. We also took a trip to vist TPG Tuning to use their Mustang dyno. Big thanks to Jay and Nate for...
  14. First dyno session with flashpro

    ECU Tuning
    gotta thank randy at rs tech racing 218 and 180 thru the stock exhaust,224 and 183 thru qtp cutout!! flashpro ftw
  15. Anybody FlashPro consumers planning to post dyno numbers soon?

    ECU Tuning
    As the title denotes, I was just curious if any of you horsepower junkies had upcoming plans to do dyno pulls after your FP tune? This FP release has me so giddy to see people extract the true potential of their gains!! :wigglesmiley: Definitely interested to see what parts actually make the...
  16. Dyno Tuning in Denver?

    ECU Tuning
    Now that I have finsihed with all my Stage 1 mods, I would like to put my 12 Si on the dyno and see where it is. Also, see if some tuning could get a little more out of it. Anyone know of a good dyno tuner in Denver, CO area?
  17. Another K&N typhoon post with dyno video

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    So I was lucky enough to have my car be the K&N video installation car for the k&N typhoon system. The production team at.powertv were awesome. Little did I know I would get so much more. I got to keep the system as well as have my car dyno'd before and after. Sweet right. Gains were 5hp and...
  18. Greetings

    New Member Introductions
    Whats up guys, Names Joe. I'm from California. Should be getting a 9th gen here soon probably by the end of the year. Just wanted to say Hi! Excited to get to know everyone.
  19. Dyno Blue Pearl Paint

    Where is the best place online to pick up a small can of Genuine Honda paint?? There is a few things under my hood i would like to paint to match... Would i also need to prime and clear? Where could i get that and what would the best brands be?
  20. Good Dyno shops near Barrie Ontario?

    Anyone know any good dyno shops near Barrie. Im going to be putting my order in for the ultimate racing downpipe and cat-back exhaust and wanted to get the car dynoed to see what type of gains I get with the injen intake aswell.