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  1. Wheels: Relevance to (a) Road Noise and (b) Fuel Economy?

    Wheels and Tires
    Greetings! I would like to solicit any informed opinions and knowledge which others may have regarding the topics mentioned above, namely: Road noise and fuel economy with respect to the selection of wheels. I had previously read of a number of observations with respect to tires and road noise...
  2. i-MID won't display average fuel economy, range, and total miles...

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum and registered just to see if anyone knows what's up with my Civic... as the title says, my civic's i-MID display won't show average fuel economy, range, and total miles. On top of that, when I change the brightness of the dash, the meter that would normally...
  3. Dash economy light dimming delay after key removed

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, As I recall the blue economy light used to stay on for a while after the key was removed from the ignition. Is this the case for others and is it somehow adjustable? The interior dimming delay setting appears to have no effect on the behaviour of the light. Thanks, Paradoxum
  4. Accuracy of the fuel economy gauge?

    Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    fuel economy setup What's the best way to set up for finding out what your fuel economy is; do you do it by trip, a whole tank of gas, several days of driving- etc? And how do you set it up? I have the 2012 sedan EX-L w/nav Thanks, Rich
  5. Fuel Economy Tips and Tricks

    Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    Well i guess all those myths we used to follow and know about are false.. at least according to cars.com. Well a lot of it makes sense and they actually did the research to find this all out. Has anyone heard of fuel myth's other than what i just posted?
  6. 2012 Honda Civic Sedan and Coupe Debut With 39-MPG Rating

    Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    Despite being known for its engine building prowess, Honda's new 2012 Civic does not live up to rivals in delivering the new 40-mpg benchmark number, set by cars like the 2011 Hyundai Elantra. In fact, Honda falls one short, with a 39-mpg highway rating. Powered by a 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine...
  7. Rising Cost Of Fuel Vs Public Transportation

    Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    Hybrid or Gasoline Would you prefer to drive a hybrid to save on gas and the environment or stick to gasoline?